EZ Selection - The easier way to select (Deprecated)

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See EZ Selection (Deprecated)

EZ Selection

EZ Selection is one of canary’s first plugins. It’s supposed to help people select multiple things at once by name in workspace!

How do I use it?

If you just installed it, you should find an icon in the top bar, titled “Selection” .
If you click it, a GUI will pop up. Now, use the textbox to find the name of the child.
You can press the select button or enter.


Plugin: EZ Selection
For loop made by AC_Starmarine


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Can you upload the source to GitHub so we can see why you present this as a better search method?

I am aware that GitHub exists, but i’ve never used it before.

Some example videos/images would benefit this post greatly.

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Thanks for the advice, Ill add some images and a video

From what I see in the code, this seems to just loop over game.Workspace. What if what you want to find isn’t in the workspace?

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What is the purpose of this plugin? Correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t the Explorer do the same thing?

This would be a much more efficient script (improving on your own):

local function searchObjects(lookForName)
    local objects = {}
    for i,v in pairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
			if v.Name == lookForName or lookForName == "all" then
    return objects

local child = script.Parent.Parent.SelectionBox2

	if enterPressed then
		local lookForName = child.Text
        local objects = searchObjects(lookForName)

	local lookForName = child.Text
    local objects = searchObjects(lookForName)

No, you currently cannot search by name quickly in the explorer

I guess I thought this was basically searching for parts by name:



I guess your plugin automatically selects them which is helpful. I’d also recommend Pick by Elttob for similar things:

It’s not free but has some nice features.

power selectors already exists?

what’s the difference between the selection and searching an item in the explorer?

So for example, if you put a bunch of parts in random places, you wouldn’t be able to efficiently select them if you wanted to change anything about them.

does is select models or just parts?

It selects anything by its name and its service

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It would be more effective to port DEX to a plugin then use this. It is way easier to use explorer to select things. Explorer has multi select and a search box.

Can’t you just hold alt + control then select the objects you want with the cursor?

Hey everyone, I will be deprecating this plugin for a better improved one in the future, it offers way more tools.