EzInterface v1.2 (UPDATE)

Working: :white_check_mark:
Current Version: v1.1


Show Functions
  • Express Notification
  • Dialog Frame
  • Titles


  • Nothing here -crickets sound-

Don’t worry, no more boring things, here’s the code

Raw Handler

-- This module needs to be called from client and the ScreenGui who contains the controller should be inside StarterGui

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local module = require(player.PlayerGui:WaitForChild("UI-Dev").Controller)

-- Making a dialog frame //

	title = "Welcome!",
	message = "Welcome to the game, "..game.Players.LocalPlayer.Name.." we hope you like the game, and thanks for playing! :D",
	callback = nil -- This will be fired when the player press "close" button.

-- Making a title frame

local module = require(module path here)
	titleText = "Mission complete",
	subtitleText = "You completed the mission!",
	fireworks = false, -- Fireworks in the GUI
	callback = nil -- This will be fired when the title hides

-- Making an express notification 

local module = require(module path here)

	lifetime = 3,
	text = "HELLO!!!",
	presetLocation = UDim2.new(0,0,0,0),
	randomLocation = false,
	backgroundvisible = true,
	backgroundcolor = Color3.new(1,1,1),
	textcolor = Color3.new(0,0,0),
	fireworks = true, -- Show fireworks
	callback = nil -- This will be fired when the notification disappears

So, where’s the download?

Versions available to download

Hey River, I wanna a Roblox model

If you want a preview, don’t worry, here’s the showcase

I hope you enjoy the module :relaxed:


This is really great and usefull! Looking forward for more updates!


Hey I can’t find your discord username. Are you sure thats the right name? I got a question, my Discord Username is Zorbey#0001.

Awesome resource for people who dont want to tween or make their own module for that, or just are new to UI in general, do you plan on adding more modules and being able to change the fireworks?

Most likely I’m going to use this in an upcoming project for Discord-Roblox moderation, nice work :slight_smile:

It looks very cool and beautiful, I am sure anyone can use it.

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Yeah, I’ll implement this module into my new project and I’ll be adding new functions. My new project is a library of modules called “Services+”, some modules are the common services from Roblox but revamped; It has 10 modules(services) ready to use with documentation, I only need to code the Interface library to finish the module and post it on the dev forum resources.

Good news, I’ll update this module by adding it to my new project. If you want more info just see the wall of this post, I replied to somebody who asked for a thing related to updating the module.

New features
  • Round frames with scripts
  • Sliders (Premade)
  • Checkboxes (Premade)
  • Dropdowns (Premade)
  • Color Pickers (Premade)

Also, I’ll help plugin developers by adding functions to create an entire interface with the module


Color picker? :flushed: I will definitely look at this

If it’s still being updated. Suggestion: a notification like Roblox notification.

I’ll love to release the current work of the 2.0 module but I can’t release an unfinished product, I’m ambitious so I’m making an entire interface-creation API with its custom animations, classes, and functions.

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Hello, I know that I took too much time but StylesPlus (basically the v2.0 of this) will come live soon! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Released StylesPlus v1.0 | Discontinued, even docs