Fast Mesh Importer

The new avatar importer gave us access to some cool new api for importing fbx files. I spend a lot more time importing normal meshes compared to custom characters, so I’ve modified the avatar importer to work as a normal mesh importer. This has sped up my workflow a huge amount, so I thought it might be useful to some of you as well :slight_smile:

This plugin (when clicked) will simply open a window where you can find and select the mesh you want to import. Once you click okay, it will import it into studio and place it in workspace.

You can get the plugin here, or if you want to view the code/publish it manually you can get that here. I’ve added very little of my own code, it’s mostly the remnants from the avatar importer plugin.

You can see how quick it makes importing a reasonably complex mesh:

I hope some of you find this useful!


Awesome, it’s time to upload meshes without having to dig into the Game Explorer, which is not available in local files.

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I fully agree. I usually open a blank place to quickly import/prepare a mesh before I use it, and needing to publish the baseplate to an actual game I owned was always a pain.

That and having to scroll through all the files you’d imported in the past to insert the most recent ones into workspace

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You have no idea how much I appreciate this, thank you.

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One of those things you didn’t really know you needed. Roblox has ridiculously slow mesh import times.

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Especially considering the simple fact that in order to upload multiple Meshes, you have to use the game explorer, or used to have to use it, which takes way more time than is needed.


How did you prompt the file explorer? :o

There’s always that one ingenius member on the DevForum who uses features wrongly to make something very useful (you shouldn’t be using ImportFbxRig to import single meshes, yet you did). Cheers. :clap:

Handled by the method automatically.


Hey that’s pretty awesome. I’ll definitely make use of this. Having to insert a MeshPart and load it from the MeshId entry box was always a little bit of a hassle.

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Like colbert mentioned, the new method does most of the heavy lifting. plugin:ImportFbxRig handles the file explorer opening and selection, uploading of the meshes and putting it in workspace. Essentially the only manual part I’ve done is made it clean up all the leftovers afterwards (as it also adds a HumanoidRootPart and some other character-related bits).

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This plugin was broken for a little bit while the mesh importer API was having issues, but seems to be working again now :slight_smile: