Feedback on Better Command Bar Plugin!

Today I made a plugin that is meant to be the command bar, but with more features, and still easy to access and use.
Currently there is not too much more features than the normal command bar; other than multi-line scripting, infinite script history, customization, and more

I would love to see your feedback on this!!
Please report any bugs.

(by the way, i think you need to have ServerScriptService.LoadStringEnabled set to true. im new to the plugins area so i dont know if it needs it or not.)
Link : ( )

Upcoming features ( coming in V1.10 ) :

  • More customization
  • More syntax highlighting
  • Viewable cursor and selections
  • and more

For tips on how to use customization, click the info button at the bottom left of the plugin widget.


How does the plugin work?

just saying

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can you show when the plugin is working

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It’s not working…

can you fix it

How is it not working? Could you give some more info

And possibly pics/videos if you can


Never mind, before when I clicked the plugin the UI wouldn’t show up.

Is it still happening? It works fine for me

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can you select the text, ill be glad if it would be in the next update, look here.

edit: its the video file.

You can still select the text, its just a bit hard since it’s invisible.

I’m releasing another update later today with a visible cursor and selection :slight_smile:

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Alright, Thanks for the response!

Interesting plugin. It’s basically a script executor but with some of the added spice of the Roblox command bar rolled into a library. Here are some immediate issues I’ve found so far:

  • It doesn’t hide code that is outside the box. You should probably find a way to hide it.
  • The info button is too prominent in my opinion. It should be made smaller.
  • There’s also some issues with syntax highlighting. It doesn’t seem to work well with the plugin’s source code. See here:



It even highlighted the “script” in Description lol


It’s completely breaking down

Since you’re making a script executor it helps to look at and be inspired by what other similar plugins are doing. These are the two I would recommend you take a peek at:

(my own plugin)

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