Filter out Roblox uploaded audio


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find audio not uploaded by roblox. Because of the thousands of new uploads anything searched will return hundreds of results from roblox instead of any player uploaded audio you may be looking for. There should be the ability to filter out any/all roblox audio from the search results.

Thanks for your consideration.

Improve Audio Library

Much needed.


Why are the Roblox-uploaded results not relevant to your search over the player-uploaded ones? Try to be more specific in the description of your use cases.


I honestly think that doesn’t need to be answered and you’re just nitpicking at anything possible.


I don’t think so – let’s not have an attitude against people who are trying to help you out.

To clarify what I meant: you should explain why the Roblox-uploaded results are not relevant to you, this will make for a stronger feature request in the first place, or staff can discover why you actually want the user-uploaded results.

For example, it might be that you are looking for non-music audio (sound effects) while the Roblox ones are all of music length. In that case a “search by length” or “search by genre” feature may be more appropriate. That’s why you should always clarify why specifically you want a feature.


Search by length would be much appreciated.

Whenever I am searching for SFX, there’s almost always some 5 minute long song instead of the actual sound effect.

Plus, people are really bad at naming and describing their audio in roblox.


Search by length would be great. I hate looking up simple SFX names and getting loud annoying dubstep.