Flinging off walls

There’s a physics bug which allows players to clip parts of their bodies into walls which flings them across the map. Players use this to gain an upper hand in the game as someone with a teleporting ability would. Here is a video that explains what the bug is, and how players are reproducing it:

I successfully reproduced the bug in Natural Disaster Survival using the steps in the video. Expected behavior is that even if players clip through something they only have enough force applied to them to remove them from that part – not fling them across the map. This problem is also present in Phantom Forces – presumably due to their modified characters/physics, which allow clipping more easily. I can reproduce the issue easily in that place on the maps with the pipe walkways by crouching, hiding under the walkway, and proceeding down the pipe.


This is common among clans in Roblox.

I believe I’ve narrowed down one possible way for resolving this. If you have the setting “PGSPhysicsSolverEnabled” set to true then flinging is not possible however if this is set to false, it seems to be possible.

I found this about a week ago and might not be the sole solution but I’m 90% sure I’m on to something here. :joy:

I had someone who was proficient at wall flinging test with me in-game and enabling PGS solved it, but introduced another similar bug. Players manipulate their camera to teleport through parts, like in this video:


Apparently it’s only possible with the PGS solver. For larger parts, the teleport distance can be significant. This bug should be fixed, but even though ROBLOX is no longer maintaining the spring solver, the first one should be fixed as well – I would consider wall flinging an exploit.

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PGS off = flinging
PGS on = glitching through walls

Gotta pick whichever seems less damaging until one, or both, gets fixed.


Pretty much.

always epic minigames

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This has been a bug since the introduction of the PGS solver and Deathrun (game at which that video was recorded) suffered significantly from it. I’ve disabled shift-lock and first person camera modes and that prevents it from occurring.

It would be nice to finally have this bug/cheat acknowledged and fixed though.


I think I’ve spend an hour trying to reproduce the second bug (the wall glitch under PGS). It would be nice if someone provided simple repro steps.

The wall fling with PGS=false will probably not get fixed as we aren’t actively supporting the legacy solver.

This is the response I got on Discord:

Understandable, but isn’t this almost like an exploit? I imagine if there was an issue like PGS=false breaking FE it would be patched just because so many existing games still use the spring solver. I’m all for doing away with the spring solver to patch this even, but from what I understand that’s not possible right now.

I was able to reliably reproduce flinging off of corners. It is present in both solvers, though non-PSG is more stable.


  1. Walk up to a corner until your character is hugging it closely.
    • This is much easier to do with R6; R15 animates the torso, which pushes your character away from the corner.
    • Can be done facing away from the corner by using first-person camera.
  2. Turn the camera to face roughly the opposite direction your character is facing.
    • Make sure the camera is out of first-person, so that your character does not turn.
  3. Zoom all the way in, putting your character in first-person view.
    • Going into first-person rapidly turns your character around. Being close enough to the corner causes your character to fling.

Place: wall.rbxl (13.7 KB)

Demo (PSG)


Demo (Non-PSG)



Lilly asked me to respond to this, as we use these glitches very often in clans:

From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty much as she said. PGS allows you to basically teleport through parts where a seam is present (even where there isn’t a seam, you can use other players to create a corner to use) and non-PGS allows you to fling (Just for clarity’s sake, PGS glitching will be referred to as wall-glitching and non-PGS glitching will be referred to as flinging. These are the popular name conventions I’ve seen).

PGS instructions are similar to what Anaminus said, but I’ll reiterate and clear up some ambiguities / inconsistencies I’ve seen:

  1. Walk up to any corner. This can be a single corner of a large brick you’d like to go through, or it could be a thin wall with a player braced against it so you can use them as a corner.
  2. Face the direction you want to travel (not in first person). You will go in roughly the direction your character is facing.
  3. Turn your camera so you are 180 degrees opposite your character’s facing direction. This allows you to walk backwards holding S without moving. If you do move, you need to find a different angle or a better corner to use.
  4. Hold S and zoom in to first person, or activate mouse-lock. I’ve found mouse-lock is less reliable (I suspect because it slightly offsets the camera from the character’s center). You can do this without holding S, but I’ve seen the best results while pushing into the corner.

You can do this glitch by facing your character away from the corner and your camera towards the corner, but I find that the method described above is more reliable.

As far as distances able to be traveled like this, I experimented a bit and found that you can go through a solid wall that is roughly 1.8 studs thick without any issues (using another player as a corner) and with a regular corner, I’ve been able to reliably phase through a 9x9 square pillar to the opposite corner. The absolute farthest I’ve seen anyone go using this glitch is across a part of about 35 studs, but it seems to be very iffy above 10 studs. If there are parts blocking where you would end up, your Y coordinate can also be affected, though I’ve not been able to reliably replicate this. Up to ± 30 studs of height change can happen, sometimes your character ends up glitching out (either ending up tripping or stuck between parts).

Oh, and another thing you can do with PGS on is push another player into a corner and cause their body to permanently disappear, I suspect by launching them at ridiculous speeds.

For non-PGS flinging, it’s a lot more reliable, as it doesn’t let you go through walls. Instead, you phase slightly into the wall and then it pushes you out, often at very high speeds. As it’s been said that this will not be fixed, I won’t go into more detail (unless anyone feels it is necessary). Just know that non-PGS allows players to go at incredible speeds when there are walls around, whereas PGS allows players to break into areas they shouldn’t be able to.

Place we used for testing, ignore the shattering glass.


Thank you! These steps will be very helpful. We will start looking into a fix.

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Currently looking into this, but having trouble with repro. Is this still happening?


It stopped working about a month ago, I believe. It’s still possible to fling on corners with the older physics system, but it’s not nearly as effective. It can’t be done on flat walls anymore at all (though you can still phase in just enough to climb flat surfaces with seams in both new and old physics servers).

tl;dr - Seems like (other than seam-climbing) all the new-physics bugs have been resolved as of about a month ago.


Although, there are ways to glitch through walls that ‘teleport’ your character sometimes quite far distances. Video attached (recorded today) shows examples of this.


See here for more details: