[FREE] City Generator plugin!

City Generator

A city generator plugin

So, I was wondering if I could generate cities in roblox.
And I created this plugin! It is very easy to use, and it’s fast!
It can generate big or small cities.
Just click the
button in the ‘PLUGINS’ tab in studio.

This gui should popup:

Now enter the ‘properties’ of the city.
For example:
Enter 100 for the number of the max buildings.
And enter 15 for the max height(floor number) of the buildings.
Now, you can check/uncheck whatever you want. (Group the city, Glowing windows)

After that, click generate button, and ‘place the city’.
The plugin will generate the city, and close the gui automatically.

I hope this plugin can help you making cities fast!

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Link to the plugin:

Please share your ideas!
I appreciate every feedback on this plugin!


This isn’t working at all for me.

Upon clicking Generate, the CityCenter part just follows my cursor around forever and I cannot place it. This part seems to be expanding infinitely even when I enter the smallest possible values.

I’ve tried entering a range of different values, I’ve cancelled and retried, and I’ve restarted Studio, but this issue still persists.


You click generate, the CityCenter follows your cursor, you need to click again, and it should place it!


It did nothing; the part just endlessly followed my cursor and expanded.

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Oh, I see. I’m on fixing the issue!


If you update the plugin it should work now! @soupbuilds

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Can you show us some images of what a city might look like?


This is how it looks now:
I know this is looking pretty bad, but this is why I want your ideas, so
the cities can be better.


Personally I’d like some some options or settings such as color options or even an option to even the buildings to have an equal space in between each other. And for a more future update you may allow users to add their own “Parts” so that the city may generate those custom created parts, I can see that this would be very useful in the future!


This is quite a useful plugin; I’ll certainly be using it myself at some point, so thank you.

To improve this plugin further, I would suggest you improve the quality of the buildings. Since this is a generator I think they should remain low poly, but the aesthetics could be improved slightly should you ever decide to expand on what’s already there.


Looks very cool, might use it on a future, i think cool features could be randomized colors, and randomized size, like instead of 1x1 buildings go like 2x3 or something.

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This is my first ever post on the forum!!

This is pretty cool! But I have some suggestions:

1: Let the user add roads too?
2: Make the buildings all sorts of widths and lengths.
3: Let the user pick materials.
4: Different styles of buildings.

I hope those suggestions can make the plugin better but it’s really cool and has some potential! If you want to talk further you can DM me on discord: auro#9417 as I do UI for fun and I hope to improve the current UI :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply!

I’m doing well with the UI.
But the ideas are very good, I hope I can implement them soon!

Looks good! Maybe make a bit more variety with the colors, different variety of window colors and make it generate roads! If this generated roads, I will 100% be using this plugin whenever I need a quick city build :sweat_smile:

Well, I have no idea how to generate roads.

You could use this for roads:
Roads Plugin - Beta 0.4 - Roblox

Don’t worry! I’m making, so the plugin can generate roads!
Here’s some sneak peaks:

But it’s far from perfect. But when it is done, I will launch the update.


I don’t see how this can be used, apart from a some sort zombie apocalypse game. Having you explore randomly generated buildings etc.

Oh wow! That already looks amazing. Maybe you could make the script add Textures to the tops of the roads to make it look like lines on a road. You could also maybe try to add sidewalks, but it does look good so far.

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It’s almost impossible to add lines.
But the sidewalks is a good idea! I will add it!

You could just do Instance.new("Texture") and set it to top. Then just find a texture of the lines. You would have to calculate corners tho, so I can see how it would be hard.