XsticcyUI - Create UIs fast!

Xsticcy UI

Create UIs fast

I created a lot of premade UI elements and put them into a plugin!
With this plugin you can insert them into your game with few clicks!
There are some of the elements:
Light theme

Dark theme

Is this plugin free?

Yes, it is free.

Can I just use it without any problem?

Yes, you can use it in any game any time.
You don’t need to mention my name, but I would be pretty happy if you mention me :slight_smile:

Other projects made by me

I would be pretty happy if you support my work

Join this game and you can support me!


  1. Open up the gui
  2. Select your theme
  3. Select the parent you want to insert in.
  4. Click the element you want to insert.
  5. (if it has text) Enter your text and press “Insert”.

Get the plugin

Here you go:

Please share your problems and ideas in the replies!
Have a good day!


Wow this is what I was looking for


Could you provide us with a quick guide on how to use this?

It looks very appealing to me. I’d probably use this in future games.


I made a tutorial now!
Thanks for the feedback!


Hey, I’m actually making a plugin and I wonder if I can use your premade UI elements on my plugin(I’ll give you credits in the dev forum post)

Sure! I’m happy if people are using my things! And I’m even more happier if they give me credits! :smiley:

Erm…isn’t this just the interface tools plugin…but…with less stuff…

No, it’s not. Interface plugin doesn’t have disabled button styles, frames, inputs.
+these button’s text is scaled not constant

Well it seems pretty cool, but my plugin hotbar thing is already full lol.
Roblox should really make a thing were you can expand that bar or turn it into a grid layout-like widget.

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Idk why I have been only thinking of making a module to handle switches and stuff like that for like months at this point, it’s only a thought though. It would be cool if you did something like that, to add switches, that would be pretty epic ngl.

Hmm, very good idea! I will add switches into this plugin!

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Wow this is really helpful! Thank you for making that!

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I added switches!
Now you can add them and they also have a ‘Toggled’ BoolValue if you want to script them.

Thanks for the idea!

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Suggestion: more advanced ui elements such as a menu. Because this is basically just interface tools but with less things.


Hey, recently I was um thinking, plugins are hard to contribute to because most plugins make the UI and store it normally. This is the best way, but that means you can’t at least easily, edit the plugin UI, or add any features that mess with UI in anyway, well I guessssssss you can do that with Rojo, maybe? Anyhow I saw this plugin that converts objects into modules which you can load up and it would create the object from it. That might be cool for contributing as a GitHub project, I don’t really know, I guess Rojo can do that, I’m just dumb. Anyhow it would be epic to have something like that in this plugin.

I will not use Rojo. It’s too much time to set up and learn.

You can sync UI by exporting it as a .rbxmx file. Just make sure you don’t have more than one top-level instance when exporting. This also works for stuff that is not representable by files, like RemoteEvents.

Note, rbxm file which is the binary version does not sync properties in Rojo.

Why don’t use Rojo? It’s a great tool when combined with Git.