ImgOutline - Create outline for your images!


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I was tired of making outlines for imagelabels in roblox, so I created a plugin to do it for me!

How is this plugin works?

Once you installed it, if you select an imagelabel or imagebutton a
gui will pop up in the right bottom corner.
You can enter the size of the outline and press ‘Create Outline’.
Make sure your image’s background is transparent!

Is this the whole plugin?

Yes, this is everything this plugin can do for you.
No overcomplicated UI, just few clicks.

Is this plugin free?

Yes it is 100% free.

Can I change the color of the outlines?

No, at the moment.

Cool, now I want to install it!

Before you click, you can support me too :slight_smile: :

Well, Here you go:

Please share your ideas and problems in the replies!

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i never had to use outlines for images, however I’d like to ask you, doesn’t UIStroke do that? I don’t exactly remember.


There is an example:

Idk if UIStroke does that.


UI stroke might be able to do that from my understanding. However they are not released yet


UIStroke doesn’t make a outline on the person’s image

nice but the gui sucks so
yes.rbxm (10.7 KB)
i remade it

i mean it’s just a textbox and a button, it doesn’t really mater i guess

Your UI is indeed better but Sticcy’s UI does not suck. :confused:

Nice plugin, may I ask how you achieved this? Can you easily change colour and transparency of the outline? If so then that’s cool!

If I remember right the outline can only be full black.
It basically clones the image, makes it black and makes it bigger in every direction and that gives an outline effect.

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How many images are created? I hope it’s not too intensive.

Only one image is created that is displayed behind the original.

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yes it does not suck and remaking his ui meant i like the plugin

Is it just a copy of the image that is scaled up?

Basically yeah, and it’s also turned black