Free Low Poly Island Pack

I have more things to give out. Different from my usual style.

The Pack

  • 1 Lighthouse
  • 2 Trees
  • 2 Rocks
  • 2 Palm Trees
  • 3 Vegetation props

Here’s a scene I made with the models and a few other bits from the toolbox

Here’s an image of the models in the pack

You can give me credit for them if you wish to do so but it’s fine if you don’t, just please don’t take credit for them if you do end up using them in your game, other than that I hope you enjoy them. And if you’re ever interested in commissioning me for other assets my portfolio is linked here

And instead of making a whole scene and just uploading the file like I usually do, I’d rather you get creative and make something cool to show me

Here’s a link to the models

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Have fun :slight_smile:


I recommend adding a few windows to the lighthouse, especially at the top (since the whole purpose of a lighthouse is to shine light out through the windows).


I really like it, great job, the light house is an old style but it matches in perfectly.

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I like the scene, and how did you make the lighting so good?

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That didn’t even occur to me lol, ig I was just thinking of maintaining the simplicity

Thank you so much, I’m going to extend on these types of models with a massive asset pack soon

Its mainly ColourCorrection, high saturation and contrast make a nice cartoony theme

pretty dang late, but I really love these assets. thank you! making a small map heavily inspired by the one you made. if you do end up seeing this, how exactly did you do the water, though? is it terrain water?- cus it looks like it has waves and so but also a texture

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I just used terrain settings to play around with the colours and transparency, then put another transparent part underneath that to give it a depth effect kind of? Hope this helps