Low Poly Desert Pack

It’s probably really obvious that I’m procrastinating at this point but I kinda don’t care. So here are more free models I made whilst watching Offline TV fail to play minecraft. I hope you wonderful people make some sort of use out of this.

The Pack

  • 3 Palm Tree’s
  • 3 Rocks
  • 2 Cactus’s (1 Flowered, 1 Blank)
  • 1 Grass Shrub

Here’s a pic of the models in the pack :

You can give me credit for them if you wish to do so but it’s fine if you don’t, just please don’t take credit for them if you do end up using them in your game, other than that I hope you enjoy them. And if you’re ever interested in commissioning me for other assets my portfolio is linked here

Here’s a link to the models or you can use either of the files below

The Files

Desert Asset Pack.blend (1.2 MB) (2.8 Blender)
Models.rbxm (98.1 KB) (Roblox Model File)

I noticed there was something massively wrong with my previous texture pallet, so here is the current one I use if you like the colours or anything like that.

Texture Pallet

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Once again, I hope you find these useful and happy developing :))

P.S. I’m going to be doing a lot more twitter exclusive things in the future regarding my asset packs, so if you’re interested in that then give me a follow


I’ve made a few other free asset packs as well, so if you do like my work by some miracle check them out (:


The models look pretty nice! I probably won’t use these because my games don’t really have this low-poly style, but these would fit in perfectly with other games.

Quality models.:ok_hand:


Just wanted you to know that the 3 packs you made inspired me to start working on a whole map which hopefully one day will lead to a game. Your models are amazing man :sparkles:

here’s a sneak peak :grin:


Looks good! when you release the game link it to me, I’ll definitely play it :slight_smile:


So cool!!! I love the Cactus! It is extremely smooth and basically picture perfect

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Thank you man I really appreciate it :smile: