Free Low Poly Tropical Island

Hi again, this ones a bit different to my usual ones since I was too lazy to stick it into models and files etc etc

If its not obvious I’m missing holidays

There is a starter camera script in the game so if you don’t want that to work just delete the part in the workspace

File Contents

  • 3 Palm Trees
  • 3 Shrubs
  • 2 Flowers
  • 1 Island

Here’s a few pics of the scene:

Credit would be nice but I don’t expect anything much. Don’t take credit for it, that’s just a given. He’s my portfolio in case you like anything you see and want to order from me personally. Portfolio

The game can be taken here:

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Hope you find some use for these models (:


They look really good! I love how you presented the trees on a beach and the water looks very good!


I thought you said low poly, it looks alot more realistic then low poly. It looks more like medium poly. It looks awesome though.


Thanks man, went through a lot of trial and error on how to present it

Yeah I wanted to try more of a semi realistic approach to the palm tree leave this time around since I can never quite get them to what I want, majority of the other assets are low poly so I just thought I’d call it all that lol. Thanks for using