Low Poly Horror Pack

Since people liked the Low Poly Pack I made a few days ago I thought I’d make another one, this one is horror themed I guess so I hope it’s of use to someone out there. Anyway here it is.

The Pack

  • 1 Fence
  • 1 Gravestone
  • 1 Dead Tree
  • 2 Rocks
  • 1 Hanging Lantern
  • 1 Twig

Here’s an image of the models in the pack :

You can give me credit for them if you wish to do so but it’s fine if you don’t, just please don’t take credit for them if you do end up using them in your game, other than that I hope you enjoy them. And if you’re ever interested in commissioning me for other assets my portfolio is linked here

Here’s a link to the models or you can use the file below.

The File

Low Poly Horror Pack.blend (1.3 MB) (Blender 2.8)

Other Packs

Free Low Poly Nature Pack
Free Low Poly Desert Pack

Happy Developing :slight_smile:


Really cool you are giving back to the community! Happy building to you.


Please send a model link for non-blender users.

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I have done, but if you can’t find it then here you go https://www.roblox.com/library/4994143684/Low-Poly-Horror-Pack


Thankyou, you too :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, but in the model, I think you forgot to add the texture onto the lamp asset.

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That’s weird, the texture should be there but sometimes when importing mesh’s that have textures they glitch out and it just shows as grey. If you open the properties tab and select any other model in the pack, you can copy the TextureId from that and they replace it with the one that the lamp has.

If that doesn’t fix it let me know and I’ll just re-texture it for you.

Thank you. I will try that. I really appreciate it.


I really like the design of the models. I am a Modeler myself, and a beginner. Your models are great! Please keep up the great work.


Thank you for the kind words :smile:
I’ll keep making model packs for free to encourage people to start their own games, so if you have any ideas for new packs let me know.

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I appreciate it! I got into modeling shortly after you started posting modeling content. Thank you for the inspiration!

Wow, glad I could inspire someone! I hope to see your work on the front page someday :smile:

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Thank you so much! Yeah, I started modeling basically because of you. If you want, we can add each other on Roblox?

I think it’s very cool that you make these models available to the community.
They would certainly fit very well with a Roblox horror or Halloween game.

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Nice! It would be perfect for a scary camping game. Or a Halloween game.

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