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What if I told you that I’m able to translate English words into French ones for you? Does that interest you? Assuming you clicked on this thread because of the title, you probably are interested; if so, I have posted my prices & my deals below. You can get straight into that if you’d like, or finish reading this long thread and get more information about me and my service.

Why should I choose you over other French translators?

I am a native French Canadian speaker currently living in Ontario. I have lived in Quebec for half of my life, where I was constantly surrounded by other people that speak native French. My family speaks exclusively French to me except for my mother and I attend a bilingual university. I can also translate different levels of formality for different games upon request. Context of a word is very important when it comes to translating, I will ask for it if the context is unclear before translating a word. Finally, I am open to free revisions of strings and my low rates for new clients and even lower rate for returning clients make it available for most budgets.

Roblox released Automatic Translations, why should I hire a translator?

Automatic translations like Google Translate usually make improper translations when read by native speakers, this is what Roblox’s automatic translations are built on. Having a human translator ensures that you are getting accurate translations from native speakers. Even Roblox Staff suggest that you get a human translator, see below:

Quote from Staff

Isn’t French the same as Canadian French?

Yes, French is obviously closely related to Canadian French, but the only difference is that Canadian French is more “up-to-date,” as the new words are translated into French. France’s French uses the word that it was initially created in; it makes it a sort of “legacy” French. Here’s an example, “shopping,” an English word, is used across the entirety of France. Canada’s French translated the word, and it is used here as “magasinage.” If you’d like to know more about this difference, please don’t hesitate on asking me.

Hold on, I haven’t even gotten to know you

Excuse me, I think I’ve gone a little too fast! My name is Anthony, I am a Canadian-born Roblox Translator, I live in Ontario. I find translations as being a sort of pastime; this is just fuelling my need for things to do, I’m constantly bored. I’m willing to do mostly anything you throw at me.

If you require more information, reply to this thread or DM me with your question. I’ll answer it ASAP.


Previous Work

Car Crushers 2 by @Panwellz

2 games by Rawblocky

Upcoming Game (No link available)

Obby Creator by @mario118118

3 games by DisneyLand Robloxia


[quote=“[redacted], post:33, topic:442499, full:true”]
He completed the translations quickly and was able to communicate affectively to ensure the translations were done right for the game. I’d recommend hiring @Ap_inity to do your French translations.

2 games by Rock Panda Games


Prices & Rates

1 cell = 130 R$ (100 cells = 13,000 R$)
USD Rates are applicable, calculate by multiplying the total with the current DevEx rate.

Translation of the game’s title and description is 3,450 R$ / 12.00 USD, unless the total transaction is above that amount.

Translation of each game product (game passes, developer products and badges) is 230 R$ / 0.80 USD per product. Text in icons are included by request; you will need to modify the image to include the translated text yourself.

Updates for your game’s text—after you’ve hired me for translations—start at reduced rates of 115 R$ / 0.40 USD per string, 200 R$ / 0.70 USD per product and the game’s title and description + 15 strings are included with no additional charge.

I know these rates are a little complicated, so I’ve made a Google Sheets available for anyone to use.

Contact Info

You may contact me through Discord, or here. Please expect longer response times if contacting through the Developer Forum.
Discord Handle – ap_inity

I am available daily between 10:00 to 21:00 EDT.


Im Canadian and own a Canadian group. I need you to translate for my game. (#respect #Canada)


Alright. Would you like to use DMs to negotiate price & others, or would you prefer here?
If so, check the “Contacts” tab for contact information.

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Gonna contact later, im tired. Ill hit you up in a couple hours.

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Okay, all good. I might be asleep by then though.

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Did you still need translations done?

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Canadian respect! I live in Calgary and speak French.


That’s awesome to hear! How’s it like over there?

Pretty good. People are nice, education is good. Free healthcare is definitely a bonus. :laughing:


Bahaha love the health care, literally a life saver! Had to get blood drawn today. Walked in, then walked out, amazing service. School relations here aren’t as great, due to the provincial government changing things to cut budgets, like OSAP, French schools, etc.

Hello! I’m interested but could you give proof that your legit?

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I’m not sure how I can prove my legitimacy, but I can assure you I will not scam, or not provide you service if paid. If you’d like to contact me, verify the “Contacts” tab, and we’ll negotiate price, and how many words you need to be translated.

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How much different is Canadian French than English?


If you mean the difference between English and French, everything.

If you mean the difference between French and Canadian French, France has a different way of speaking than Quebec. France’s french uses a sort of “legacy” french, where any new word doesn’t get translated whatsoever; which pretty much means any new word is said in the language it was created in.

I have an example; the word “Shopping” is a new word, and as such, people in France say exactly that. Quebec’s French would translate the word into French. The word in Quebec would be “Magasinage.” i’ll add this to my post


Having a separate portfolio written in French is a great idea, and shows people your fluency in the language. I’m currently studying french and I was trying to translate it, sadly to not very successful avail.

Overall, trés sympa et je pense que tu es un portfolio génial! - I hope that was correct, it probably wasn’t

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Thanks for your compliment, and good luck with your French studies!

Also, it’s “très sympa, je pense que tu as un portfolio génial!” you were pretty close.

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I’ve been taking french for 3 years and I can confirm by reading the french translation that it is 100% legit. Easiest way is to read situational phrases; google translate can’t formulate adjectives, prepositions, etc. for those, it just looks wrong and is an obvious indicator that someone is using translate, but in this case that’s not present.


Google translate also makes improper translations and doesn’t make proper conjugations, “passe compose”, and “because” translates to car instead of parce que.

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I’m Canadian too, and I speak Canadian French. :heart:

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Winter commissions are now open! If you’d like to book my translation service, you can do so.