(FULL) DJ Pizza Virtual World Tour - Hiring Developers (looking for stage devs)



About Me

Hello all, my name is Pizza Plays. I am a content Creator, Rapper, DJ, and owner or my own record label along with owning multiple different Roblox groups. Currently I am working on my virtual world tour and am in need of developers to help on the project.


About The Job

There are other mixes that will be scheduled but because it is a tour, I will be needing a portable stage for the event. We were looking to put LED visuals on the stage for the tour. I have done visuals for my other group, Newella Center, but they weren’t that elaborate. For my tour I want to have really good visuals. If we were to do visuals they would most likely consist of using some type of sprite sheet. I dunno I’m not a dev myself so I wouldn’t be the best person to ask. We are also gonna need pyrotechnics and lighting.

I have attached some videos of visuals so that you guys can understand what I mean by that aswell.

Example Of Visuals

About real VJing and visuals - YouTube

Newella Fest - Official Aftermovie - YouTube

Ultra Music Festival 2012 Miami - YouTube

Lil Uzi Vert Stage Designer & VFX Artist Shows Us His Process - YouTube

Most of the people that specialize in this are from the Roblox EDM Community, but I posted this to see if there are people outside the community that have done this type of work or are interested in doing this type of work. We also might need some clothing designers to make merchandise for the tour, but I am a designer myself so I can make them if needed. We might also need other assets for the tour but those are the things I know we are going to need.

The tour will be taking place all summer so I will need devs that can work most of the summer. Once the stage is don’t there won’t be a lot that needs to be don’t just maybe modifying it to fit in different venues.


For payment, I might just pay people based on how many hours they put in and the quality of their work. I can get a lot of robux to pay people so thats not a problem for me. If you a good enough dev, I might just add you on payroll in my main group Newella Center. I can pay in robux along in USD, either work for me.


Contact Me

Thanks for reading! I can be contacted on the devforum, or on discord Pizza Plays#3042. My other social media platforms are on my website https://pizzaplays.net/

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey there i’m interested. Contact me on discord: sureloxx#7985

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