Future Is Bright: Phase 2 - Studio beta

Heads up to people who think shadowmap may not work for them, remember to set your graphic settings to Automatic instead of OpenGL.

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I looked up grass in the toolbox

There’s that one mesh a million times, so that’s what I went with. Then, I spent ages placing it a hundred times.

Remember, for a screenshot, you only need 1 FPS not 60 :man_shrugging:


Just mess around until you find something you like :man_shrugging:t2:

Edit: Made it a dropdown to avoid making others scroll

This was my setup




Oh and play with Terrain colors as well, forgot that part




When will legacy be permanently removed? (I can still see it in the Lighting.Technology section)

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Are we still on track for new lighting coming to desktop this week?


Tomorrow, according to this.


I have waited a long time for this feature and I can’t wait for it to go live in games as well.

I also look forward to seeing it on mobile devices too.


I think the Shadow Map lighting is very good.
But here comes what I do not like, is that I’m doing very well with the level of graphics at 5 percent, what happens is that if I enter a game with Swadow Map activated the game starts to go very slow and I have that to lower the level of graphics inferior to 3, the problem that I see to him to this is that to me I like to have the level of graphs to the 5 percent because I can see the map to more distance, I know that the developers of that game of Roblox decide whether to enter Swadow Map or not, or to activate or deactivate according to the level of graphics, but I would like it to be independent of the graphics level.

Please, make sure to disable Shadow Map apart from Graphics quality.
(I do not mean to turn off the SwadowMap lighting in studio)

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Wouldn’t cloud shadows look more realistic? Of course, at that point though, you may want to move the clouds so that their shadows move.


Maybe this will be released to desktop/console clients tomorrow so that Legacy will be removed and Future is Bright will be added with one big update. With Legacy going, Future is Bright is coming. This would actually be kind of sentimental for older players and a big date for Roblox if they decide to do it this way. I guess we just have to wait and see!

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Why am I in a Vehicle Simulator server with the new lighting? Did it go live just now?

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i don’t think it’s gone live to the public maybe some games I was just at some canyon showcase game and it seemed as if that game had it too but maybe im crazy or something idk

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:eyes: ooooooooo

don’t ask me how I did this, this game has shadow map enabled and when I get close the shadow looks like that, when I get further it becomes really fuzzy


Live in desktop clients on PC & Mac. Official announcement tomorrow. Console will follow next week I think (unexpected unrelated delays with rolling out new Xbox update).

Since most games haven’t migrated yet, we may discover some issues once more games do - if the issues are severe enough (e.g. crashing on some rare configurations that we couldn’t test etc.) we may be forced to disable it. We don’t anticipate any issues, just a note - it’s a big rollout :slight_smile:


WooHoo! Phase 2 out! Are you guys creating a new thread to release its announcement? People may not see this, so some may not know.


Yay! I can’t wait to see what people’s games look like with it enabled!

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Really looking forward to seeing games with this!

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Woo! Time to make my CPU sweat and enjoy live render-level goodness! Huge thank you to your team, we appreciate it guys!

Quick note: If we find a bug, where should we report it? Would the proper place be #platform-feedback:engine-bugs? Thanks!

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Ignore my character, wish we could fix this choppiness in the shadows with day/night cycles

shadows dont update if they’re close to previous shadow angle, and they generally seem to update at a pretty choppy interval


Thank you for working on this new lighting! This is one of the best Roblox updates of all time!