Game Comments revamped

Game comments were a wonderful way to get feedback and more easily connect with your community.

I’m assuming they were taken down because of the massive amounts of spam(correct me if I am wrong),
but I (along with many others) don’t believe that was the correct solution to the problem.

I really do sound like absolutely everyone else you hear this constantly from, but why not put them back up and force a captcha?

We can do this with HttpService, but it can be a pain especially for new developers that need feedback and this really should be something we already have.

Perhaps the interface could even be redone to include a dislike and like button, then a text field below with the comment/feedback, or something like the steam review system?

I was truly surprised when comments were taken down and not just updated with a captcha check, and I believe it should be brought back to the game page as a near essential tool for quick feedback.


The captcha suggestion has been made a million times over and addressed by staff members and users alike each time. It’s not going to happen, and with good reason. If you’d like to know why I’d suggest using the search up in the top right.

No reason for the rude attitude. So you’re meaning to tell me that just taking down the entire comment section because of the spam was the only solution to try and get rid of it? Also, by my search there hasn’t been a post about this made in web features since the comments got completely taken down. So I don’t see the problem.


It was the best solution until they could fix it. Keeping it up did more harm than good.

Well I haven’t heard that they were going to fix it. It seemed to me and a lot of other people that they just brushed it under the carpet and carried on. If they are working on ways to fix the problem and bring it back up that’d be wonderful.

If you’re just looking for feedback for yourself, something in-game is preferable because people will be less likely to abuse that – it doesn’t have near as much of a benefit as spamming in a publicly visible place does.

Someone’s posted a nice module for a Discord webhook before: (there’s probably more but I can’t find those right now)

Tone carries badly over text, I don’t think it was entirely meant that way. It’s just that adding captchas has been discussed a lot in the past year, so whenever it is brought up again it can feel like the poster didn’t search for it first:

-Wow! Just won 3000 robux! (recaptcha request)
-Human Verification for PM's
-Add a Captcha to the comments section
-Implement a Captcha when buying limited items
-Captcha for the catalog
-Add a captcha
-Idea for captchas on PMs
-Seriously, can we just get CAPTCHA already?
-Just put reCAPTCHA on everything

(Thanks to @TheNexusAvenger for part of the list)


The thought/idea I was trying to communicate was not rude, so this is correct.

I knew of all these posts made already, but again,
none were made after it was taken down. I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t a forgotten/pushed aside issue as comments are extremely helpful.

The relieving link here that I didn’t see before was

it’s very nice to hear they’re wanting to fix it. Now I just hope that doesn’t mean in two years.

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Fair enough, I would advise implementing something yourself or throwing in a module someone else made in the mean-time if you’re looking for player feedback though, because from @ReeseMcBlox’s comments in the other thread it seems like nothing will be coming for some while (undefined length, as usual).

lol discord feedback is the worst. There is no filter and the things ppl say in them are pure disease.

I wish comments could be replaced with a system similar to steam’s reviews. (This would also remove up/down votes).

My biggest problem with the rating system is that there’s no feedback. Someone plays my game, don’t like it, downvotes it, and moves on. I have no idea why they don’t like it. If a review system was set up similar to steam, old reviews will eventually be discarded.

If the game is crap or a clickbait game, it will always have a negative review. But if the game had a problem, like a game breaking bug or a crappy launch, the game wouldn’t look as horrible if the recent score was positive. It will allow developers to dig their game out of a negative rating hole a lot easier.

Comments have always been cluttered with spam. If a review system was set in place, a lot of the issues mentioned in OP would be fixed/reduced.

Reviews would obviously allow feedback. This feedback would be available for others to read. Just like steam, most helpful reviews will be displayed first, so if a game is clickbait, the most helpful reviews would warn players to not play it.

Spam would be reduced because players can only review a game once. If the comment was spam, it could just be flagged, hidden, and eventually be deleted by a moderator.


Don’t forget this one.


Yeah I really like the comments being flagged idea. Identical comments that appear over and over again in a short amount of time should be flagged and barred from being posted. But then again it could be abused, like what happened with Reddit banning the word Roblox"

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Exactly, so that further reinforces the point that we really don’t need more threads about it. If you want to bring up captchas once more you can pick any of these threads (that focus on them) and continue the discussion there, but I really think staff have made clear that this is not the solution they’re looking for. I think we should discuss about new ideas for receiving player feedback instead that make it more difficult to benefit off of spamming.

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I’m like wanting to make a chrome extension which implement comments lol