Give developers the ability to customise the "View" button under the settings menu

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to touch the new “View” button under the settings menu that lets players view another player’s avatar clothing.




Give developers the ability to customise the said button just like the other core interface elements. This button is not really necessary in all games so we should at least be able to remove it or perhaps move it to the context action menu or prompt it using a StarterGui API so that we developers can customise our game further.

Example API

StarterGui:SetCore("PromptAvatarMenu", Player) --shows the target player's avatar menu
StarterGui:SetCore("DefaultAvatarMenuButton", false) --determines if the "View" button will be visible in the settings menu and player list

If Roblox is able to address my issue, it would allow developers to create more appropriate games with the proper interfaces and menus.


Is that all the rationale? I don’t see why it is an issue


After taking a deeper look at the feature, there’s really not much to say about it :confused: apart from not being able to disable it or manipulate it. It just has a strange feel to it because I personally don’t want to purchase clothing in-game if I cannot try the clothing on in a proper manner. Another point is there was no official announcement about the said feature, I don’t exactly know what happens to the revenue, will I get a percentage? or will all/a percentage go to the owner of the clothing? or will it all go to Roblox? The issue with no announcement and documentation of the revenue is a whole different topic, which is why I would like to disable the said feature in the mean time.

I believe it’s just like buying the clothing on the website. No difference. You won’t get commission for somebody with nice clothing playing your game and another person buying the same clothes - as the developer you’ve done absolutely nothing so why should you get commission on that?

It’s a feature of the Roblox menu and is not specific to the game or gameplay. I don’t really understand why you’d ask to change this given we can’t change anything else in the menu (unless you wanted to customise all of those buttons too?).

There’s no announcement for the same reason there isn’t an announcement on most of the things in the core menu - it doesn’t really affect the developer or the game, and has no impact on your revenue.

Then this can be the first second. I see no harm in allowing more room for customisation. I’m simply asking for a way to customise this feature just a little bit, just for us to at least disable it and prompt it when we decide to. I also don’t understand why y’all are against my proposal :woman_shrugging: I see no room for abuse here. Also it’s not like we’re gonna lose anything from considering my proposal :wink:

Also just to let you know, we can customise the Reset button by disabling it or changing its default callback behaviour.

I think it’s obvious why I asked my question in the first place, I have no idea about this feature :slight_smile: I also am not interested in the revenue made from purchasing from the menu, I just thought that it could be the same process with purchasing third party items in-game.

I believe that pushing customisation with Core elements will allow us to create better games, but of course there is always a limit to these extensions because there are developers out there who will take advantage of a limitless system. I personally see that this feature will not benefit my game in any way, which is why I proposed for an extension of this feature. I’m pretty sure there are other developers who would also like to disable/manipulate these buttons.

If you have no use cases for why you would want to do something like this in the first place, your feature request is unlikely to be prioritized, or even considered at all.

You should explain why your idea is useful. Not all customization requests are particularly useful, so why would engineers waste time implementing something that nobody will use? See: The selection hover animation speed setting in Studio.


I guess you have a point, my proposal doesn’t have any usecase that’s actually useful. Well at least I got this out for consideration.


I was getting used to it, but like this is even better :relieved:

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