View Players with the Inspect Menu

This is going to be absolutely amazing for monetizing games, even more than they already are with things like social hangouts, etc. I really appreciate this as now, games I have been working on, can experience more robux income, and more success on our game revenue!

This is great! I’ve always had trouble if I wanted to know what someone was wearing. I’m also assuming that InspectPlayerFromUserId performs a web request, so we have to wrap it in a pcall?

Hold on. If you’re BC and earn 70% of purchases, does this go for the inspect menu too?

No. Read this article. Although this applies to gear, this would also apply to this new system (if I had to guess, which certainly seems like it does):

This is a great feature overall. If the feature were to contain links of what item a user is wearing similar to the actual site, that’ll be quite nice. I can see this feature being slightly useful in Trading.

What a wonderful announcement, it’s like a dream come true in just two days :slight_smile:

My nightmares have ended


So does this feature work for custom created assets that are currently equipped on the avatar from an in-game stance?

Like if I have assets for humanoids that rival that of the catalog. But cannot add to the catalog for reasons unknown (like seriously not being able to do that in the first place) Do they still appear in the inspection menu?

If not is this a planned feature for future updates?

Will we ever get to upload assets to the catalog?

This is a good edition, at first when reading the post I wasn’t too sure about it, and thought it would be something I’d disable. Reading the comments I get a better idea, that is in esc tab and won’t effect game play.

So with the 10% commissions is that for NBC people too? I understand that NBC members don’t get as much from a sale of a vip server or game pass etc.

I think this is a great step forward for Roblox, and developers. I noticed this a few days ago, but kind of ignored it. Nice to see it become a thing though! Just is crazy with all these updates. I can’t stay on one version of Roblox Studio for no longer than a day, haha. Keep up the good work, Roblox!

While this post will be good for game revenue im worried about people just cloning my avatar with the try on feature :thinking:


Can we get a method to disable the settings player list?

My game doesn’t use Roblox usernames but instead custom “nicknames”, and that makes it pointless for me.

Also, a lot of games (e.g. army games) may want to keep the player list hidden.

This feature has been needed for a long time now and thank you for adding it. This feature is also a step forward with solving the recent issue with DevEx rates because developers will earn 10% of each purchase made from their games.

In the future I would like to see a way for users to search for catalog items in game. This will promote the use of the catalog even more and create an even more social aspect to games.

Can we report individual assets a player is wearing through Inspect Menu?
Sometimes a slip-up happens, and I think it might be easier for moderators to handle it if we report individual assets, instead of the whole account.


Any event to know if someone bought an item via the inspect menu?


player:BoughtFromInspect(playerName, playerIndpected, catalogID)

I never said is wasn’t possible? I said it was possible.

Yes you can disable it :slight_smile: its just enabled by default

It can be added. What would be some of the use cases for this?

It’s extremely useful for those who really are interested in one’s avatar. This update makes it easier to view any avatar acessores they’re wearing instead of having to search their profiles on the top search bar of the website then end up seeing their profile names come up in hashtags. Overall, I can see a great future from this update!

You could for example have a refferal system, which gives you in game money if you buy a clothing article from the inspection menu.

I’m talking about the player list that appears in the settings menu, not the one you can control with CoreGuiEnabled or the inspect menu.