GreekForge | Programming Portfolio (Retired)

About Me

I have been on Roblox on various accounts since 2011, programming since 2013.

I am a programmer who specializes in advanced algorithm implementation like:

  • AI Behaviors
  • Anti-Exploits
  • Map Generation
  • Matchmaking
  • Interserver Communications

In Roblox physics like:

  • Ragdolls
  • Car Chassis Development
  • Flight Mechanics
  • Building Mechanics
  • Gun Mechanics

Examples of my Skills

Here are all the projects I have worked on with a team:

Team Projects

1.(2017) In this team project, I created the Building, the Anti-Exploit, the Ragdoll, and most of the UI interactions
Colorzone Roundup [BETA] (THUMBS UP!) - Roblox
2.(2018) Gameplay was my hallmark here, handled by many scripted physics interactions.
Calmfall - Roblox
3.(2019) Here is another show of my physics skill, where I completed a drift capable car for a vehicle combat game.
GreekForge's Physics Location - Roblox
4.(2019) Behind the scene with normal/perpendicular vectors calculations take the forefront of the cogs in this hovercar which is used in a role-playing game.
Find it in my chassis location!
5. (2020) I developed a territory capture system for an RPG game that creates a battlefield game inside the game. This queueing system involves MessageService, HttpService, and DataStoreService (later transitioning to an SQL Database) to create a battle that allows players to join a queue, fight in the battle, and control territory in the rest of the game.
[🏰 DUNGEONS!] Lionhearts: Crusade - Roblox
6. (2021) For the same studio as above, I developed a discord bot so that it could automatically interact with their database and the users for management of multiple servers and link to the game:

Here are all my projects that I worked on completely alone:

Solo Projects
  1. Here is my pride and joy, it’s a maze generator that I spent many hours on with both research and debugging
    Kruskal Maze Generator - Roblox
  2. This project has the highest percentage of blood, sweat, and tears used on compared to other projects of mine. A path calculation algorithm that is what is behind the hood of apps like google maps.
    Pathfinding Script Show - Roblox
  1. One of my more recent projects, I always wanted to make a mirror in roblox, and with the viewportframe release I have finally realized that dream. Not perfect, but I’m really satisfied.
    Actual Working Mirror - Roblox
  2. Although technically a commission, I never received any payment and they never got it. I ended up doing this mostly for myself anyways because making SCP-173 was entertaining. This is for sale.
    SCP Testing Zone - Roblox
  1. After seeing this from @hunxrepair I really wanted to complete it myself. A lightning generator that is completely random (although maybe too random at points).
    Weather Tester - Roblox
  2. Inspired by a forum post on viewportframes, this allows X-Ray vision which is highly useful in situations…
    Vision Sphere - Roblox
  3. One of my more time-consuming projects, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days I spent on working out the bugs and redesigning it from my Original. This doesn’t use math.noise, instead it is all from scratch:
    Perlin Noise Map Generator - Roblox
    Perlin Noise Mess
  1. A presentation of my more abstract skills, this is a small passion project of mine that I completed recently and I hold in high regards as the last goal my mentor gave me. Again, another project all from scratch.
    2D Raycast Renderer - Roblox
  2. Boredom during quarantine does bring creativity. Here is something I wanted to be overly ambitious about but it never came to be. This is a deep gravity simulation that I realized had some major issues that prevented the creation of a ship to travel in. I might revisit this later though for more overzealous development. Anyways, credit goes to @EgoMoose for his wall stick controller.
    Roblox Solar System - Roblox
  3. I was messing around with plugins, and decided to optimize one that was making things difficult in my larger places. Welcome to Script Statistics, for all your efficient stats needs. It tells you a lot of information and makes it easy to configure what you get! Inspired by @Crazyman32
    Script Statistics - Roblox

Currently working with him on Colorzone

Totally recommend hiring him, works fast, gets the job done!

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I highly recommend hiring this programmer. In addition to his impressive well-roundedness in programming, he works with diligence and has a fantastic service policy. However, I believe that he sells himself cheap and should considerably raise his prices—for the better or worse, depending on the client’s business ethics. Great guy too.

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Recently commissioned this individual, has done a spectacular job with a hover vehicle system and has successfully implemented all features that I have requested. Totally recommend hiring him!

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GreekForge worked with me on my game Calmfall several months back. Delivery of his work was highly satisfactory in both time and quality. In fact, he exceeded my expectations for working on what I consider to be something of a rigorous task :stuck_out_tongue: Easy enough to get along with too which is always a plus. This guy knows his stuff and he’s probably the guy you want to hire to work on your next project.

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