Have I been given Verified Status?

I was making a nametag with basic icons for Premium, Verified, and Game Creator/Dev and while testing the teleporter on the Game Client, it shows I am verified, and I already checked all code which nothing is wrong or breaking. And the print says it is true.

I haven’t gotten a message either.

The true is the print(player:IsVerified())



Are you ID or phone verified? IsVerified() returns whenever you’re non-VOIP phone or government-issued ID verified, not when you’ve received the blue checkmark. Plus, wrong topic, this goes to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.

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Do you mean #help-and-feedback:platform-usage-support?

uh yea sure

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No, you are not verified.

What would be the way to check for the Blue Checkmark?

Hey, thanks for linking my solution. However, there is now a built in property to check if a user has the verified badge:


@winer002 If you want to check if someone as the Blue Checkmark, use the player.HasVerifiedBadge Player | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub property.

Example script:

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

     if player.HasVerifiedBadge then
        print(`{player.Name} has the verification badge`)
        print(`{player.Name} does not have the verification badge`)
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alright, thanks you for the help, it is working now. But also one more thing is that when I tried the httpservice ot get the Group API, it returned with forbid to use Roblox Services.


No problem! I’m happy to help.

It’s because you must use a proxy to access the Roblox Web API through Studio since you cannot access it directly.

Most use roproxy though its typically recommended to host your own proxy instead, which is what I do.

If you want to use roproxy, replace the “roblox” part of the base endpoints you’re using with roproxy.

Example: groups.roblox.com would become groups.roproxy.com

thank you for the solution. Much Apreciated!


so if i wanted to say, make a rank API for a group, could i use this?

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I don’t entirely understand what you mean. Can you explain to me in PMs? (Since the original topic is already solved)


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