Holiday Developer Game Jam Matchmaking Thread!

i am still looking for a team to work with DoubleFall#0608


I’m looking for someone who can build and animate to join my winter game jam team :slight_smile:

You’ll be working along side me, @Sir_S, @Mariofly5, @Operatik and @HazSun

Please get in-touch via DevForum private messages or Discord (Webmotion#3176) and provide some examples of your work.


Been scripting for around 1 year, look at my portfolio (click on my devforum profile to find) to see some of the things I’ve worked on. Looking for hardworking teammates.

Hello I am scripter and a UI person and am looking for a team to join. [For Hire] UI Designer

Hello everyone! I have recently decided on a game entry for the Jam, and I can honestly say that it is a winner! In fact, I am so confident in it, that (if I get skilled enough team members) I will even sponsor the game (which means pay for everyone who joins the team)! Positions I need filled:

  • Advanced Programmer (Most needed)
  • UI Designer (Most needed)
  • Animator
  • Particle Designer
  • Logo/Ad Designer

Send me a DM if you are interested.


Note: I have thoroughly thought out my game entry, so you don’t need to worry about spending a lot of time on planning.

Hey I’m a roblox scripter with 2 years of experience. I’m searching for a team of developers. I’m in need of a modeler, 2D artist, music composer and a animator. Our game will have a ski theme where player will race with other player’s costomize their skis and much more. Here is my portfolio: Scripting portfilio [1.5 years of experience] - Collaboration / Portfolios - Roblox Developer Forum and my Discord is: Maxen2031#3524


Hi! I’m Simpxly, I am an experienced Builder & 3D modeler! Here is my portfolio if you’d like to take a look [OPEN] Simpxly's Building & 3d Modeling Portfolio 2021

I am looking for a group of people to partner up with! I’m looking forward to hear from some people soon. :slight_smile:

My Discord : Simpxly#8688

My Twitter : iSimpxly

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We are in desperate need of a builder. If you are interested, please DM me on the forum. Our team currently consists of @Nabeel01, @Fire540Games, and @WooleyWool

Here’s our work currently:

Edit: team filled


Hello me and another dev want to participate but we need atleast another person!
We are both scripters and not horrible builders :smiley:

Discord contact : elohan#5657 or Pigger

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I’m a scripter, but I also know to build, model, make GUI, and animate (if neccessary). I will work on it as well as I can, but I still have stuff going on. As for showcasing my work, I don’t really have any games to showcase, so here’s a game I’m currently working on. (It’s a Training game for learning how to do 13 stud jumps, flicks, etc.)
Quick Looks:
Here’s the game, there are lots of bugs.
Training (PRE-ALPHA) - Roblox

Your portfolio looks awesome! Keep up the great work!

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Hello! Our team is looking for a professional animator!

Our team consists of @Vehnix , @xonae , @HenryDev , @ErickThePresident & @KitKatKy . We’re all well established developers on the platform with many years of experience.

We have a base concept for our game and are finalizing details currently. PM me with your work examples!


Hi there! I’m Madi and I am Detailed Builder, Clothing Designer, and can do minimal 3D modelling (I just started modelling, lol) Feel free to find me on Discord - Madi#1891 if you want to work together! I have also attached my portfolio to this message!
MustBeMadi’s Portfolio | Clothing Designer, 3D Modeler, Detail Builder - Collaboration / Portfolios - Roblox Developer Forum

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Hello fellow developers! We need a low poly map maker to join our team. Please message if interested, I’m not going to give out the game idea publicly.

What do you need? Builder, scripter, etc.

We are looking for a scripter or two more but builders are needed a lot.

Hello! Our team is looking for an experienced/professional animator and/or scripter. We have two spots left on our team and would love someone who is skilled in multiple development areas.

Our team currently consists of @Junozy, @Jaudr3y, @powerbuby, and @zolintec. Our team has experience with game design and most of us are well-rounded, established developers.

Please DM me on the devforums with some of your work if you’re interested!

update: filled


Hey everyone! We’re looking for a modeller that specializes in low poly maps.

We currently have:
Hopefully, you!

If you’re interested, contact me on Discord (MaximussDev#6689), or here on the DevForum!


Sent a message about it, my team is composed of 3 people who are capable of building and 3D modeling. Looking forward to work with you and thanks! I’ll send some of our works if ever interested.

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Hello @prTESTAQ! I am interested in the builder position. Send me a DM if you are interested in hiring me.