Holiday Developer Game Jam Matchmaking Thread!

Welcome to the Holiday Developer Matchmaking thread!

If you’re here, that means you need to find a group of people to team up and we’re here to help.

All you have to do is leave a reply stating your skills, proficiency in building/scripting areas, as well as experience. You can even drop your portfolio if need be! Then, you can find other users who might be proficient in what you’re lacking.

For example, if you’re really good at building, but not at scripting, look for a scripter! Then you can send a DM to that user, and ask if they want to team up. Then the two of you can go ahead and round up other users until you have a group of at least 3-6.

Please keep conversation to the DMs and just simply use this as a mega thread to find users who also need to find groups. Once you find a group, you can edit/delete your post so that others know you’ve already been snatched. Just remember to be civil and polite to your other developers and have a good time!

Main Post: Holiday Developer Game Jam 2020!

Happy Holidays and have fun match making!


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Hey everyone! I’m a terrain artist, and would love to work with a talented team. Here is my portfolio:

Interested? Please send me a DM!

Most likely won’t accept, but send me a DM to check. I’m sorry.


Hey everyone. I can’t commit to anything yet as this would be a big change to my planning for development over winter break. That being said, I am still very open and flexible - let’s see where this goes.

I have been developing on ROBLOX for the past two years and am the owner of Arcade Island. I have great leadership traits and really enjoying laying out planning and framework for games.

I have intermediate scripting skills and can confidently script a main game loop on my own with little to no assistance. You can see some of my open source code in this model that I created:

Home Run | Mini Baseball Arcade Game - Roblox

I have intermediate building skills and can build in a polished and clean form in a timely manner. I created this build in just about an hour during a Roblox Event Build Battle:

As I mentioned, this would be a big change but I always have an open minded attitude so feel free to shoot me a DM, the worst I can say is no, let’s chat!


I’m a terrain designer looking for a team!

I design terrain and can build along with basic 3D modeling skills

You can dm me here on the forums if interested!

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I am very talented in GFX and Composing and 3D modeling. I can do pretty much everything but building and scripting. I have experience with cinema 4d, logic pro x, and blender. Also I am really good at terrain design.
Edit: I am taken.

Hey! I’m a terrain developer. I can mess with lighting and particle effects/CSG a little, too.


Scripter here, favorite holiday is Christmas, if anyone’s looking for a team member I’m up for it! Portfolio is a bit outdated, but it should hopefully showcase my skills sufficiently!


Hey im Slenics and I do Logos, UI, and gamepass design


Hello! I am Roblotastical, I am an intermediate programmer, I have worked with Lua on Roblox for about 2-3 years. I would not say I can do complicated things with scripts, but I have some knowledge. I just want to have some fun! I look forward to working with you all! To contact me about this, use my discord: roblot#0001


Hiya! I’m Mae!

I mainly do clothing design, but I also do scripting, drawing and building (which I don’t have portfolios for)
In scripting, I know Lua, Javascript, Python, Ruby and C++.
I have 3 years experience in realistic and anime (animation) drawing
In building I am great with creativity and textures.
Here is my clothing portfolio: MissMae15 | Clothing Designer

I am looking forward to working with anyone. PM me on the forums or on Discord: MaeMaeMae#2475


Dont have a ton, but looking to just have some fun : Portfolio


Hello! I’m Haley and looking for a team to work with. I’m a clothing designer, and builder, working on getting better each day. I currently have received lots of feedback on my clothing and some positive, and some with some helpful criticism. I hope to get better as each day progresses.

I have been clothing designing for about 2-3 months now, and I have been building for about 1-2 months now, so I’m still new, but I am a pretty fast learner, as long as I get the right instruction.

I can design pretty much any clothing except for some male clothing, suits, shoes (sadly), and jean texture. However, I am willing to try if I can get some help.

I also build on studio. I have made a post, but I do believe I am more capable of what I made so far. I just have to get in the right mindset with encouraging thoughts.

I am able to build pretty much anything, as long as I have reference photo’s and specific detail. I would work best with others.

Anyways, I will be more than happy to be in a team, but if you’re looking for professional, then best not choose me. I do put my best effort into all the clothing, and buildings I make. I prefer to do a few practice ones before actually starting.

I would also appreciate any tips on improving both my builds and clothing.

Here is the link to my portfolio for my clothing. I do not have the templates and these are the ones I received criticism on.

If you would like me to be a part of your team, then please message me here on Devforum. I do not have discord or any other socials. Thank you.


Hey there everyone, I’m good at terrain and lighting design. I currently do not use Discord.

My work:

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Advanced Scripter and UI person

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Ayo, I’m a programmer that can make anything from remotely making parts to making gun systems. I’m looking for 2 partners, I don’t have any examples for back up but we can just wing it. I’m not looking for anything serious, just to participate and have fun.

Things our team needs:

GFX Modeler
UI/UX Designer


Hi, my name is @TOP_Crundee123 and I have 999IQ, I specialize in specialization and specialization is what I specialize in, if you would like me in your group, you can contact me b̶y̶ ̶g̶i̶v̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶a̶d̶dr̶e̶s̶s̶ via Devforum PM:
TOP_Crundee123 | Multi - Purpose Developer - Collaboration / Portfolios - Roblox Developer Forum


I’m Kironte, I am a well-experienced programmer and audio engineer who was just looking for a winter-themed project to work on.
No point in pouring details here as that’s what the portfolio is for:

Looking forward to teaming up with someone!


Hi everyone, i’m a fairly new builder thats looking to team up with anyone any everyone. Preferably looking for others that are not perfect at their skill, rather newer developers. Hopefully looking to find
3d modeler
Music composer
If interested please DM me on discord: Dusk#3953
I have a vague game idea!
I do not yet have a portfolio, so ill show in dms


Hey everyone! I am 15 and a builder at heart. I am very creative, and would like to lead a team. I specialize in SciFi, however, I can build almost any style and genre. I do not have a portfolio, but here are some references to my work.

Semi-Realistic Builds

Low-Poly (Not Finished)

Note: I do not have Discord.