Holiday Developer Game Jam Matchmaking Thread!

Hello, I am a scripter. I am familiar with most of the API and I know several other languages outside of Roblox too.

I dont have a portfolio, yet.

I am looking for a builder partner.

I’m a programmer looking for a team. I have 9-10 years of programming experience, making a transition currently from the roblox accelerator program and looking for a team for the game jam! :slight_smile:

If you want to shoot me a DM on here :slight_smile:


Hi I’m LuaBearyGood a programmer, game designer and UI designer with over 40M+ combined place costs from my games.

Here is my portfolio [100M+ visits] LuaBearyGood - Programmer, UI-Designer, Game designer - #46 by Logimite

I’m only vaguely interested in this project but if I get an interesting offer with a relatively simple game idea (naturally I’m pushed for time around Christmas) and a well skilled team I may participate.

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Hey, I’m demofocus. I script and build (although I prefer scripting)

Check out my portfolio here. (It’s slightly outdated)

Feel free to shoot me a DM on here to discuss further if you’re interested.


Hello People!

Kuro here,

I’m looking for a team, I currently have an animator in the team who is AMAZING at animating. I am a 3d modeler/builder and I can script (a bit). I can make UI’s too. I play around with terrain and lighting and I can do a very well done job with it as well. Currently looking for more people to join :slight_smile:

DM on Discord if you are interested :smiley:

⸸ 𝕴𝖒𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖙𝖝𝖑#0666

Hello there! I’m a programmer with over a year of knowledge in scripting. My weak points are modeling and map design. I don’t have a creative mind, so it’s hard for me to think of game ideas. I didn’t finish any of my games yet, since I’m making them alone. I can script, make animations, game thumbnails and logos, using blender and photoshop. My UI designing is ok, but I have place for improvements. DM me on Roblox or add me on Discord (Quartz#5412) if you want to work on the Game Jam game together.


Hey, I’m Aval.

I’m 17 years old (18 in 2 months) and from Norway :norway:.

I’ve been programming in Roblox Lua for 4 years now and I’m proficient at CFrames, Vectors, theoretical math, problem solving and I’ve made quite a few complex systems throughout my time on here.

I’m not for hire outside of this game jam as I’m occupied with my own projects as a solo developer.

My interests lie in shooters pretty much. But in this game jam, I’ll be flexible.

I have a microphone (multiple), so I can voice chat.

Examples of work

WIP Footplanting System

Old Shooter Project

WIP Graph Editor For My Custom Animation Plugin

WIP Physics-Based Helicopter Mechanics

Test MOBA Project

Shoot me a DM if interested!
However, I’m looking for quite experienced and mature individuals.


Hello, I’m builder, UI Designer, composer and modeler. I’ve been developing on roblox since 2018 and now I’m looking for teammate! I’ve been participating in creating of some games like The Virus [Beta], Comedic Geniuses, New Lifting Simulator and more. I’m looking for scripter in my team for Holiday Jam! If you’re interested pm me.

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Heyo c:
I’m a builder, modeller, GFX and UI artist c:
I’ve had a lot of experience with applications like photoshop (6 years) and some experience with roblox studio (2 years) and blender (1 year)
Here’s my portfolio:

you can find me on discord at langodan1#0511

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Hi, I’m LoveTheBears101. I’m looking for a group for this game jam. I am experienced in scripting. I am okay at building and modeling, however I’m not the best.


  • Scripting
  • Basic 3D modeling
  • Basic building
  • UI design

Some pictures of my work:

You can see an example of my building, scripting, and UI design here:

I made this a while back, my scripting has improved :wink:

I basically have skills in almost everything (although mainly scripting)

Please send a DM if you want to be a group!


Hello there! I’m a programmer

I am looking for developers who speak Arabic

If someone speaks Arabic and likes to develop games that would be great

If you speak Arabic and want to work together as a team

This is a link to the places where I wrote the Scripting and where my friends and I play!/creations

Thanks for reading and I wish you well


Hello, I am TomYT and i can count myself as a builder, this is what i have made for the past few months!1.PNG

Wanna team up? Hit me up in dms!


Hey there. I’m a 3D Modeler and Scripter, mainly looking to 3d model though. Here’s my modeling portfolio:

I’ve modeled for almost 2 years, scripted for over 5. I can also UI design and build if requested.

Looking for an experienced team to produce a quality game with. I have 80k+ funds so I can help advertise once completed.
Please contact me here or on disc: nick.#7651


I’m a UI designer and a starting scripter, i’m just here to get better.

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I have no idea if you want this but I make anti-exploits.


Hello! I am Kyle / Ensynced, and I am currently looking for 2-4 people to take on for a team to complete this game jam. I currently am a professional builder and modeler and will fit perfectly for that role in this game jam. Looking for mainly a coder, UI designer, and graphic designer. This could easy dubs!

I will also be working as the lead creative director, as that’s what I have a strong suit in as well.

Examples of my work:


Hello, Y’all! I’ve been developing on Roblox since 2015 (Doesn’t make me professional I know haha) I was considering looking for a team. I do the following
Building- Mid-Realism
Animation- I’m newer at it, but have a huge interest and can sit for hours and hours at a time for.
Scripting- I can do some basic scripts, Oh! Also if you need a calculator in your game I can do it
UI- I’m newer at UI, so I am not professional. But I know my way around the system.
Thanks for reading this y’all. I look forward to Developing with a team, Merry Christmas to all!

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I’m an animator, builder and somewhat of a scripter, I’m best at animation, but I am also good at building, with a cartoony bit blocky style.

My Website:

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Hello I am GAMESFORDREAM, I do GUI and the weak points for me is modelling, map design and animation, programmer here is my work

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Hello, I am AspectSider and I am a decent builder with a good amount of skill in building, I can also do some terrain work. I also have a wide imagination for what we could do. I do not have a portfolio yet but I am building one up.
If you would like to contact me send me a friend request on discord.
: )
I am still available if anyone wants to team up…

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