Pressing Ctrl while zooming forces you to hold Ctrl to zoom manually, otherwise tilts camera

this seems like it might be related to a previous report, since it has similar effects: Horizontal scroll w/ mouse wheel breaks camera zoom and instead tilts camera

this is how to replicate the problem on PC:

  • Hold Ctrl
  • Mousewheel in/out
  • Release Ctrl
  • Mousewheel in/out

you’ll notice that on the default baseplate, and some front page games, this causes the camera to begin tilting instead of zooming whenever you try to zoom in or out, unless if you hold Ctrl down. this is quite annoying, especially in games that might have functionality binded to Ctrl.

here’s a table listing a few games this is present in, and not present in, as of February 3, 2020.

Game Bug Present?
Default Baseplate Yes
Welcome to Bloxburg Yes
Ninja Legends Yes
MeepCity Yes
Jailbreak No
Adopt Me No
Royale High No

for context, I play on PC, on a desktop. my mouse is a Logitech G502, and my keyboard is a Corsair K95


this was allready found to be with logitech mouses only, by pressing a very “soft” button.
by pressing ctrl, you are using a double negate.


I use a Microsoft mouse and this also happens in some games too. I don’t understand why this glitch / bug happens.


is the mouse a gaming mouse with extra buttons ?
if my memory serves me right it has to do with some pan function connected to the mouse wheel (at least in Logitech)
if not then the scope has just increased and the current theory thrown out… (as i understand it)

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My mouse (Talon Blu) has no horizontal scrolling or panning feature to my knowledge and I could reproduce this on all marked games listed in the OP, with the exception of the default baseplate (I tested in Studio though, maybe it happens exclusively in-game).


Normal behavior with scroll wheel will zoom in and out.

If you press ctrl + scroll wheel, the normal behavior will break by rotating the camera instead of zooming.

This could be game breaking, but in order to zoom after the bug starts it then requires you to hold ctrl as well.

This started happening about a month or two ago.

this video demonstrates it, so i did scroll only, ctrl + scroll, released scroll, then just scroll.

I’ve had this happen to me within games! Gets really annoying cause I have to rejoin to fix it.

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I believe this is related to the re-release of trackpad gestures. Ever since they came back, this has been an issue. I’ve mentioned this in a similar way before, where if you used a gesture successfully, scrolling with a mouse would break (unless Ctrl is scrolled, I didn’t fully know this at the time) and this, now, still continues to be an issue. It’s minor since gestures no longer work for me (which I never really cared about anyway, kind of ruins my flow), but this issue that has appeared also annoys me, especially when I have to rejoin through restarting the client (not through TeleportService)


I can verify that I am also having this issue right now. The only way to fix it is by rejoining

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We have a fix coming out for this later this week.


I’m still having this issue, was the fix delayed?


I have made a temporarily fix for this.
Place the PlayerModule in StarterPlayer and replace the BaseCamera module with this.
BaseCamera.rbxm (18.4 KB)


Still having issues. It makes the game I’m playing harder to play.