Horizontal scroll w/ mouse wheel breaks camera zoom and instead tilts camera

Fixed when I left a game and then rejoined the same server

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Logitech MX Master 3, scroll wheel doesn’t work on anything for studio after glitch.


Another version of this bug is with apples mouses, which would make tilt the camera instead of zooming, even if you never pressed CTRL or did a side scroll, today, it got worse, when I do any scrolling with my mouse, it will tilt the camera in that direction and never stops doing that, which is where this bug is really annoying. I think it’s related to Roblox’s trackpad support. There’s probably not gonna be a fix to this bug as this bug post hasn’t gotten a reply from roblox staff yet, despite the bug report being around 9 months old.

Edit: This issue is now fixed, I still can’t zoom in/out but it isn’t that big of a problem

Edit 2: I have actually figured out where the problem is, it is in fact with Roblox’s trackpad support, here is the script I used to find out the issue (It’s a LocalScript)

local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")


The first argument is the argument you should be seeing when you are able to zoom, tells how much the wheel has moved, the second argument is a Vector2, which tells about tilting the camera, it’s supposed to only be above 0 in trackpad, but is also above 0 when you side scroll, the first number is when you scroll sideways and the second number is when you scroll vertically, when you scroll both ways (you can only do that in certain mouses), both numbers will be above 0. The third number is just for zooming using trackpad and the boolean just shows if the game already processed the event usually on UI elements. Here is the video I got explaining the issue not happening in studio but happening in live games (It’s a YT video cause it would not let me upload the video on the devforum)


Bump, still an issue. Now, instead of allowing you to zoom out normally when you hold CTRL again, one scroll of a mouse makes the camera at the minimum zoom distance, and another scroll makes it the maximum zoom distance. Games are now unplayable because of this.

This needs a fix.


I cant play Roblox anymore because of this bug since it happens every time after 1 to 5 minutes because I’m constantly pressing ctrl.

Any solution to this other than rejoining and holding ctrl to zoom?


Experienced this for the first time today, pretty much same steps as everyone else said.
Workaround is using I and O to zoom in and out - but very annoying.


Will this ever be fixed? It’s been going on since December and nothing is being done to fix it.


I face the same issue, this has been going on for a while now.

Still happening to me… my mouse is a Razer Abyssus V2

Still happening to me.
I’m on a Logitech M720 and a 2018 MacBook Pro running the latest version of Big Sur.
Both on Roblox and Roblox Studio.

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Also, to add on, when holding shift and scrolling on a scrolling frame, such as a player list, the scrolling frame will move horizontally instead of vertically.


It’s now December 2020, and this thread started in December 2019. I hope this issue gets fixed, this halts my games. I’m using a Logitech M310.


January 2021, and this issue still occurs. Really hoping this gets fixed.


Join a game where this is not a problem, then join back into the game you first played. I just join Jailbreak when it happens to me then I go back to the game i was first playing. But you have to do this process everytime you trigger the glitch.


Good solution, but imagine you are inside an event and this happens to you in-game.

My solution is using an application to hold down the control key (command on mac) for me.


Does the Magic Mouse still have the problem where it is panning around your camera instead of zooming in/out? Hopefully they have found a way to fix it. (I currently use a Logitech G502)


I’ve run across this issue on Mobile and PC Games recently, forcing me to reboot the whole game, so i cant say if it has been fixed or not.

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Hi, I’ve found using Logitech Options to disable or swap functions of Horizontal scroll was a viable solution for developing on my macOS Big Sur devices.



I hate to bump the topic again, but I have found how to replicate it, and how to prevent it from happening. It tends to happen when you scroll wheel your camera while holding the shift lock key. Sometimes it happens, but if you bind the shift lock key to control, it 100% will happen. Not sure if it has something to do with shift lock or control key yet.


I’ve got the same problem on Acer Nitro Gaming mouse.

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