How can i planify the making of my game?

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!
    I would like to make a game.
  2. What is the issue? Include enough details if possible!
    I don’t know how to planify the making of a games. I don’t understand how I would do the process of designing and planifing the game.

Well the search bar exists btw, but I’ll give your the rundown of how I would make a game:

Step 1 - Game Idea

Making a game idea is easy, but many people over think it. You would need to know what it would be, how it would go, the certain order things move in, and would players have fun. Like I said above, get a popular game and make it your own, flood escape + parkour, flood-kour!
VERY IMPORANT: IF YOU WOULDNT HAVE FUN MAKING THE GAME, DONT DO IT!!! Why make a boring game and spend time into it? That’s just bland.

Step 2 - Questions

You need to plan a game out, what would it be, would it get you any revenue? Would it get popular, what do I add to make it mind-blowing? These are just some of the few questions that many ask before creating a game.

Step 2 - Rough Draft

There are two ways to doing this

Way 1

Get a pencil and paper, sketch out the layout and blue orient of your build. Join some ROBLOX games, take kailbreak for example, you would want to make jailbreak 2.0. You would take some thing from the game, add it into your sketch, and give it a you style!

Way 2

Do the above, but instead of using pen and paper, you could make rough drafts on ROBLOX, it would take longer, but it might increase your skill, in building, scripting, what ever you do.

Step 3 - Game Idea Feedback

Now this step is very risky and many developers do this after they make a game. You could ask people for there opinions on your game idea and blueprints, but like I said, it’s risky, if someone really likes the idea, they can steal it and make the game before you.

Step 4 - Making the game

Making the game isn’t going to just happen overnight, if it does, that means you didn’t try. Depending on what the game is, it could take up to a year! That’s highly unlikely, but I’ve seen games that have taken up to that. Maybe, a game could take 3-4 weeks. If it takes that long, that means you put effort.

Step 5 - Playing/Testing

You would want to maybe post your game link somewhere popular and gets some people to test your game out with you!

Step 6 - Enjoy the Game.

You’ve finished, now you can take a break and relax!


This method is so vague and synthetical. Creating a game idea (not even accounting financial liability, external experience, management, etc.) requires thorough analysis. Inexperienced game designers underestimate how contributing financially and developmentally to a game subconsciously consumes free time to game and proceed with passion projects. Realistically, game design is hard.

This is exaggeratively funny. I have written some game design articles in the past (disclosed under drop down)—it’s clear that random people incapable of maintaining their “development studio” can’t even comprehend the slightest of my articles. While I don’t intend to boost myself in some way, I’d like to validly depict that game design is hard.

The point you may be referring to relates to:

Critique and Correction

All the points encompassed here are oversimplified. Due to this, and similar details, both steps are virtually identical.

The reason tons of games regress and ultimately fail is because they cannot project potential income. They have no established financial aid for advertisements, and can only pay with royalties (also known as percentage-base pay). Mathematically, variable costs extend as revenue does (usually). If revenue declines, so will royalties, and your developers just wasted hours into nothing.

You need financial aid established immediately.

This is hilarious. Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). QA Testers is a group compiled of NDA-verified testers. As far as I know, you can utilize their service free of charge.

A player cannot successfully compose a game. There are various prerequisites; all of which a player typically wouldn’t meet. A large portion of development teams flail far before community feedback is considerable.

Community feedback about the game should be collected before it’s fundamentally started? If the prior step was referring to community critique on the game idea itself, the chair(wo)man is clearly inexperienced and delusional. No disrespect to anyone who does this—we all start somewhere. Personally, I make silly mistakes every minute.

These sections are the most distorted in the article. What is mind boggling is how overlooked financial establishment is. How are you going to pursue something so dominant in your life if you have nothing? Start small, with commissions, and climb up the hill.

This may be helpful:

Articles disclosed here will pertain to game design articles only, not other articles I compiled.

Rule of thumb: do not start something you aren’t qualified for - start slow and climb high

cc @ViniDalvino


Then think of something to make about. You an look up pictures on Google Or Bing if anyone even uses that anymore and get some inspiration. Or go play other games for some inspiration as well. If you do not have inspiration, then why would you want to make a game? Inspiration can come from anywhere even in dreams at night. (Which is why i’m working a little on a horror game)

Take your inspiration that you got and put it in your game. You can draw it out in real life on a piece of paper and pencil or you can go more advanced by testing new stuff on studio or even using Blender easy as that.

First up Google says planifing is not spelled correctly lol

What I did personally was look up Youtube videos and even got myself a few unauthorized (as in fanmade books) books so I can learn the basics of building (Unioning and all that) and since you have the developer forum in your hands, you can search up #resources:community-tutorials made by people like us about how to do something. Or you can go up to official tutorials by Roblox and other moderators/admins in the #resources:roblox-tutorials My list is kinda like @ScytheSlayin’s list now that i’m looking at it but still.

If you need some type of boost to help you continue on, just look at all the games in the front page and say “I can do better than that!” Because anyone can go higher than Goes on to the front page and looks at the first game he sees Adopt Me

it’s a guide to making a basic game, I didn’t include any of the important details for a reason.

The reason for it being so simple was for ease of understanding. I didn’t want to make a whole tutorial on how to establish it and stuff, just the basics.

All those informations are important,but you can forget one thing,dont spend too much of your time making games.An amount of time you would be making your game,you could spend it with your family,hope this helps,even tho with an short reply.

Here’s how I do it:

Step 1: Think of a game idea.
Don’t overthink it. You don’t necessarily need a giant game. You may even want to keep it simple. Perhaps, try thinking of a game that you think would be really cool, but can’t find it anywhere on the Roblox website. Two most important principles: 1) Make sure it’s something you would want to play, you will enjoy developing, and won’t lose interest in. 2) Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If your typical game is a ffa, non-round based swordfight arena using the default Roblox linked sword, that’s completely okay and there is no shame in that, but don’t try to make Phantom Forces by scratch until you’ve gained a bit more knowledge and experience.

Step 2: Think of everything that game includes and write it down.
Start by taking all of the broad/general mechanics and systems that your game uses and dividing them into sub-systems. For instance: Let’s say that my game includes a round system, a building system, and a combat system. That’s great! I’d take that, and divide it up: My game includes a round system (intermission and round-in-progress states, timers), a building system (block/model list, placement system), and a combat system (weapons, leaderboard). Then, divide those up if necessary. You want to give yourself very small steps to make it seem less intimidating.

Step 3: Rearrange these steps in an order that makes sense.
You want to have an order by which you will make the game. Looking at everything and not knowing what you are going to do first, just starting on things, and jumping around from one unfinished system to the next will cause much confusion. Line them up in an order so that nothing will be difficult or impossible to do because it requires the existence of something you haven’t done yet. It’s completely okay to go into systems you’ve made previously to edit them to be compatible with your new system. You just don’t want to have to completely rewrite something that works just fine already.

Step 4: Do each step you’ve made one by one, and do them well.
Please do not try to do many things at once. it doesn’t work. Do them one at a time, and give yourself as much time as you need to polish them and make them work well. Don’t set pointless deadlines, it gives you less time to properly do things.

Step 5: Enjoy your game.
Oh look you have a game now. Enjoy!


Once you have the basis of your game idea down, it’s a good idea to use something like trello to manage ideas and set out a plan of how you are going to do your game.
Lets say for simplicity sake you are making an obby:
You want to add saving, make a card which details about saving player data
You need to add more levels: make a card which details what these levels are going to be like etc etc
It’s a really good idea for long term development process of games since it’s all online and as soon as you get an idea you can put a card for it and add it in the future when you are ready.