How to be a Successful Clothing Designer

Hey everyone, ixArcher here, I just wanted to give a few tips and tricks to being a successful clothing designer on the Roblox platform, @MissMae15 has made a post similar to this (but more focused on actually designing), you can go check it out if you’d like! These tips I have gotten from multiple youtubers, including Avaeta and icyella, and some from myself.

The Basics

Take advantage of your opportunities! - A lot of new clothing groups are springing up, and you should apply to every single mall or group you see! (that is hiring designers), this gets your name out there, and you could be accepted!

Make friends among the Community - You can work on collabs, get advice, and sometimes friends feature people in their homestore!

Watch speed designs - This can help you gain more knowledge and even a few techniques!

Find your designing style! - I don’t recommend copying the styles that are on the front page or “trending”, design whatever you want! Your passion for designing will last longer if you design what YOU would want!

Sell your clothes for only 5 robux! - cheap prices = more customers!

DONT COPY CLOTHING - This one should be obvious, but its crazy how many people still do it. If you want to be successful, this is not the way to go.

Social Media is your best friend - Using social media for your benefit is important! Posting creates engagement with your designs!

Open Commissions - Commissions are making custom clothing for others, many designers do this, and its a way to practice your designing and get robux without having to work long term!

Quality over Quantity, have motivation, and don’t design for a quick cashgrab! It WILL NOT LAST

Making Your Clothing Group

Choose a short and creative name - Something easy to remember, not too complicated, and of course something you like!

Have an appealing and creative logo - Bright and creative logos bring in members! High quality logos are also very appealing.

RUN ADS - Running ads is so important! This helps your group get more exposure. It’s important for your ads to be bright and appealing to attract more members. 300-500 Robux per ad works best for me, although I like to do a test run of 100 Robux to see the CTR of the ad.

Make a Homestore - New members will most likely join your homestore and buy more clothing, I’ve noticed having a homestore is more appealing than just clicking through rows of clothing on your group.

Do qotd’s - They keep your members engaged and coming back to your group daily

Promote your group - Promoting your group on your profile can guide fans or followers to your group, and making it your primary group may also help

Ally with other groups - This can help you gain members and exposure from other groups, you should ally with groups that have a similar clothing style as your group

Save group funds - Saving group funds will help you pay for ads and/or designers

Hire designers - Hiring designers can help create more designs and ideas, and it can help keep your group active and full of new designs. This can also help because you will have more designs to earn robux. Although this tip is more of a personal preference, you don’t have to hire any if you don’t feel like it!

Upload consistently - Uploading consistently will have your customers coming back and seeing if there’s anything new. Try to upload at least once a week, but more would be amazing! Just make sure to keep your clothes quality, don’t rush it!

Effective Ads

Be consistent - You should run ads often! If you’re short on robux, try running ads for your group atleast 1-2 times per week.

Bid a few hundred Robux - I find that bidding 300-500 works best for me, you don’t have to bid thousands a day! If you’re short on robux, 100 is just fine too!

Make the clothing big - People should see what you’re advertising! If they see clothing they like on the ad, they will most likely click it!

Have a variety of ads - This is good so people don’t see the same ad over and over again! I recommend running 1-3 at a time.

Dont add too much text! - Adding your group name or username is good for an ad, but don’t overcrowd it with words! It becomes hard to read.

Other Tips

Progress takes time - You need to get familiar with the program you are using and practice! Your first design will probably not be amazing, mine was horrible lol. Dont be upset if your first design doesn’t turn out how you envisioned it! To be able to improve, you need to practice!

Robux - don’t design just for the robux! While robux is important in designing, it shouldn’t be the main motivation. You will most likely lose your passion for designing!

Be creative! - In designing, you can really make whatever you want! (assuming it follows roblox’s rules) Push yourself to experiment! You might like something new!

Design Block - Don’t even get me started about design block. IT WILL HAPPEN, and it sure isnt fun. You might be tempted to copy clothing or give up designing because you don’t have any ideas or motivation, but dont do it! Sites like intagram and pintrest give the best ideas! Watching speed designs, etc. also could help you get that spark of motivation again.

Success is different for everyone - Everyone has different goals, and different definitions of success. Don’t put your worth into how much Robux you’ve made or how many sales you have. Having fun and doing what you enjoy is the most important!

Comparison - Guys, please don’t compare your designs to others, and I know it can be really hard not to! Don’t compare your designs to someone who might have been doing it for years! Comparison will NOT benefit you at all.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. You will not be able to become successful overnight, It takes hard work and dedication.
Everyone’s designing journey is different. You need to decide what your goals are and work to achieve them!


I’m not a good clothing designer, but I believe these tips can be applied on all jobs on developing. I believe everyone will use this as inspiration for their development.

Overall, good tutorial!


What is best to create an ad for? Your clothing group, your home store, or clothing items? I want to start running ads soon so I’m wondering where I should start.


I would recommended to create your ad with 100 R$ per day to your clothing group as people will click your ad then join your group and would play homestore like homestore would be on your group or people would click store and explore your clothing so they can buy it if its useful for their avatar. so yes I would recommended it. if you make a cool ad. Im sure you will be proud of whats going to happen when you make a cool ad with these following steps on the topic and my posts.


If you’d like to make more robux, I recommend running ads for your homestore, as it is more appealing than clicking through rows and rows of clothing. Although your group member count may not increase as much as you want it to.


This is just something I’ve always wanna tell clothing designers.
Please, don’t make your homestores incredibly laggy. A simpler thing appeals to everyone, looks good, and runs on slot of devices which allows you to get more customers. That’s the only reason I don’t join home stores.


Thank you. This was quite useful info


I don’t know if it’s just me but I never profited. I run 1 ad every other day and I bid 100 robux, on off days, I advertise on instagram. In total I made 409 robux exactly and I spent 1000 in total. My ads also have pretty ok CTR, around 0.5.


If your group is a smaller group (10k ish or less), you most likely won’t make a profit from ads.

BUT, running ads will keep your group growing, the group will show on more people’s profiles, ally with more groups, and eventually, your group will get to the point where you’ll be happy you spent that much on ads because your group is making a large amount of robux in a day.

Of course, it’ll be hard to get a group to that point, but it’s not impossible, and once it starts growing that fast it most likely won’t stop.


This really helps, appreciate it. Just a question, would you say it’s better to advertise your homestore or the group itself? Also, I’d be willing to ally with your group if that’s alright with you!


I addressed that up here :slight_smile: And sure, I’d be happy to ally with your group.

Oh, my bad. Must have missed it. Yeah, I’ve been changing my ads between both. Before running ads, what would you recommend as a good number of clothing pieces in the homestore? I’ll send your group a request soon. My group is called expenent.

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Honestly, however many are in your group, and try to update the homestore frequently. It’ll keep your customers coming back to see what new clothes you’ve made.


Honestly, running ads isn’t the most effective way. People spend literally thousands on ads, and if you’re a small business well I don’t wanna be rude but you can’t really compete against those if you’re only putting a little amount of ROBUX into it. Apart from that, this is a pretty nice guide for people who are just learning how to design!


Yeah, I totally understand that! With giant clothing groups like “Aesthetic Vibe”, etc, running multiple ads at a time 24/7.

I meant effective as in getting the most “click-throughs” as possible. I was trying to help people who might not have that much experience running (and making) ads.

Again, it is pretty hard to compete with those kinds of big groups running ads all the time, but that wasn’t the purpose of that section. I’m just trying to help people get the most out of their ads :slight_smile:


Ah, alright. I understand what you’re trying to say now. I didn’t think about it in that way.


Would you recommend increasing your prices now, considering the awful new fee that has been implemented?

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I’m actually taking a break from designing at the moment, but it depends on if you’re the one who has to upload the clothing.

If you’re doing a one-time commission and the buyer is going to upload the clothing themselves, no. I wouldn’t raise my prices for that. But if I had to upload a clothing for someone, I would raise it to include the amount I would have to spend to upload.

Wait the 50 Robux fee has been implemented??

I can still upload without paying.

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@ixArcher, Since your taking a break from designing will you still be able to complete my clothing order? I don’t mind if I have to upload the clothing.

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