How to become a Regular?

Hello! So my question would be, how to become a Regular? Do you have to read a certain amount of topics just like for Member?

As far as I know, for Member, you need one of the following to get accepted:
3 hours total read time,
150 posts read,
1k or 1,5k comments read (I’m not sure).

Is there something like that for Regular? Thank you!

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This is kept a secret for good reason, if you knew how to become a regular everyone would be a regular. But as long as you contribute to the community, and are active you should get upgraded eventually.


This in my opinion is technically inaccurate.

Currently as far as i’m concerned all you need to achieve regular is consistent and successful use of post approval and a minimal / outdated moderation history.

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What do you mean with successful use of post approval? I can’t send my topics to the post approval team , this feature got removed as far as I know.

Post approval still exists on platform feedback categories.


You should read this thread for information about ranking up on the developers forum:

As far as I know to increase your chances of ranking up to regular you should make constantly good quality contributions to the forum and follow the forum rules. You should also use post approval to show you are capable of post in the #platform-feedback categories with good quality because after all the whole point of being regular is to show you are trusted to post in #platform-feedback on your own.


Stay active, reply to topics. I don’t believe there is a specific time. Go around looking at topics, posting topics, and replying.

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The Regular rank is meant for active posters who often need to post to post-approval-restricted categories and are able to do so while following all the category guidelines.

Use post approval successfully several times to show that you know how to do that, and that should be the biggest hurdle. The rest of the requirements just stop bad actors from getting the rank and shouldn’t be any problem for legitimate forum users that follow the rules.

PS: There is no other benefit to Regular other than the ability to post in a few more categories. It does not mean you are trusted by Roblox, it doesn’t give you any other benefit whatsoever. It’s literally just “congratulations, you’ve showed you can be let off the leash without starting a fire”.

All of your posts seem to be in support categories so there shouldn’t be any reason for you to want Regular. Not sure why you are asking.


The one thing I dislike about the new post approval for regular system is I have a lot of friends who specifically want the rank for access to lounge, however rarely use post approval related catagories.

Couldn’t it be argued people can want regular specifically for lounge access instead of post approval perks?


The forum seems to revolve around Platform Feedback rather than discussions now; promotions and PA are focused on nothing other than platform feedback.

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Lounge is a privilege, not an aim. You shouldn’t be here if you aren’t going to use the Developer Forums for their intended purpose. Being able to have some side conversations or post threads where they don’t fit realistically in other categories is part of that degree of trust because it’s very easy, especially with the categories provided, to get sidetracked and abuse them.

Don’t think only wanting access to Lounge is a valid reason to dislike the system, much less a reason for anyone to be here on the forums. Use Discord.


Lounge is the only catagory you can formally discuss general roblox issues, that is simply why a lot of my friends only want regular for access to lounge.

At the same time however, I argue against my statement in that if lounge was too accessible it would ruin the point of it.

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I argue there are many people who are regulars on the devforum who got it before the promotion system. Which is interesting to me because I’ve seen at least 30 people who don’t even meet a single requirement for the Member rank nowadays, but are regulars.

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That is because before the promotion system was introduced, they used an application-based system to accept new developers. Once they transitioned, anyone that were currently members in the forum when the application system was around were promoted to Regular.

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I’m aware – I’m just saying I find the system quite crude.


What is the requirements for being a member? Not sure what you mean by your last statement.

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they have like no post history is what im saying

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Actually, being a regular is super hard(I’m not one yet).
I think the difference between ranking up(if you will call it that) to member than to regular is how many posts and topics you make. I saw this guy with 400+ days of visiting and he still wasn’t a regular, his read time was also quite decent. I think that as a member, you have to post a lot and flag bad topics to be trusted enough by the AI to become a regular.

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It’s based on a multitude of factors, but the general ones seem to be:

  • Not being flagged too heavily
  • Reading enough
  • Having posted enough
  • this seems to be the big one: Using the Post Approval process