How To Dress NPCs

Yep, that’s exactly why I made it! I disliked the long, grueling process of all that :slight_smile:


I finally updated the plugin! Here are the improvements:

  • RTHRO support.

  • 100% Dark theme support.

  • General UI improvements.

  • Tons of fixes across the board. For instance, I finally got package support working again.

  • Revamped Skin menu that’s way easier to use.

  • Default rigs have completely transparent HumanoidRootParts now.

Overall, the whole thing is now less of a personal plugin and more of a public resource. I hope I can help many people with it!


Extremely helpful! Good work. The process of NPC’s dressing is pretty tedious. I like the simplicity of this plugin, but it is very useful.


Fantastic and helpful plugin! Only gripe i have is the “Infinite yield” thrown whenever studio is opened.

“Infinite yield possible on ‘ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“UsefulFunctions”)’”

Is there a released version of this “UsefulFunctions” module we could grab?


Oops. That’s my personal module. I’ll fix that, I don’t think it’s needed.

Edit: Fixed


I have an early Christmas gift for everyone: A very colorful update!

The skin feature has been updated to include more colors! Now you are no longer limited to generic skin tones:
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The skin feature also now internally uses BodyColors. This not only allows greater support for models that already include BodyColors, but also means you can easily save and load your NPC’s colors. Want players to load in as a zombie? No need to manually add and adjust the BodyColors, because now the plugin does this for you!

The Dress by User ID feature has also been updated! It no longer gets stuck with the old selection’s package when using packages, so you can rest assured your model looks right. Also, EasyInsert will now add a rig for you when using Dress by ID if you don’t have one currently selected! Side note: I realize Rthro is weird when using Dress by ID. I will took into it soon.

I have also adjusted the UI animations to be less… flashy. The UI now smoothly slides in and out instead of bouncing around everywhere. Changing this also fixed a glitch where the plugin wouldn’t always open when you hit the studio button. I have no idea if anyone ever ran into that bug, but it shouldn’t happen anymore!

As Roblox’s next generation of avatars is quickly approaching, I want to make it known that I will try and keep this plugin up-to-date. Who knows what crazy new features await?


No matter what I click, I keep getting invalid ID :thinking:


Thanks for letting me know! Can you please show me a screenshot of the plugin and what ID you’re trying to use?

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Cool, this plugin will definitely save time for me. I am use to manually creating NPC’s which can take quite a bit of time.

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To think spending hours of making all my NPC’s could take less then 15 minutes. Absolutely fabulous. Definitely will make sure to share around.


I did find a bug with the plugin while using it. When I select R15 Rig then input my userID, it transforms properly but my head, and all accessories with it disconnect and either go in front of the rig, or behind, near the leg area.


Update: It only breaks when I wear a Rose lapel, or Black Iron Cape. I’m assuming it has something to do with back and front accessories locations affecting where the head goes.


Thanks for letting me know! I will investigate when I have the chance. :slight_smile:


I believe I fixed this bug! Let me know if problems persist


There is an issue I want to mention with this plugin. The issue is with the face. When I add a face it doesn’t replace or delete the existing face so it overlaps the previous face.

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Thank you for letting me know! This issue should now be resolved.

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For a while I’ve had to struggle with painstakingly going through the catalogue, finding a shirt, copying the link, subtracting 1 and crossing my fingers the asset id works (and of course, not working in about 95% of cases). But this plugin eliminates all of that. Thanks so much for this!


You won’t believe the scale of EasyInsert’s new update! (I admit that was a terrible pun). EasyInsert now supports character scaling!

EasyInsert also now supports character scaling when dressing by User ID too! So if you’re really tall on the website, a character with your ID will be really tall as well.

Lastly, a small bug has been patched. Previously, if you had something selected that wasn’t an NPC and used the dress by User ID feature, the plugin would rename that object and then error. Well, no more! Now, it will just make a new NPC for you, and your precious objects will keep their proper names.

As always, if you need help with anything, feel free to reach out. Thanks!


Here is a small quality-of-life update! All newly inserted assets are now placed where you’re looking in studio. So if you insert a hat, it will be right in front of your camera, and not off in some weird location.

As a bonus, all the parts in newly-inserted items are now unlocked so you can easily select them and drag 'em around. No more manually unlocking items!

Both of these features will not apply if you’re putting the asset into a rig. This is to prevent annoyances with the camera moving around and rig selecting.

Stay tuned for future updates!


Back again! Now, the plugin keeps track of all assets your character is wearing. You can quickly view everything in your character and delete unwanted assets with a simple click. You don’t have to fish through your character to find what you’re looking for!

Also, adding morphs no longer resets your NPC’s body colors. So morph away!