How to Enable/Disable/Change Classic Chat and Bubble Chat


I am posting this because it is hard to find Information on how to change the chat type in game places now days… So here is how it is currently done. In Roblox Studio go to the command line while game is not in run or play and enter one of these commands and hit the Enter key. Then select Players in the Explorer window and look in the Properties window to see which chat types are enabled or disabled for this place.

game.Players:SetChatStyle(Enum.ChatStyle.ClassicAndBubble) – will enable both chat types

game.Players:SetChatStyle(Enum.ChatStyle.Classic) – will enable just Classic chat

game.Players:SetChatStyle(Enum.ChatStyle.Bubble) – will enable just Bubble chat

Enable bubble chat?
Add the Bubble Chat toggle back to game settings

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Works for a temporary workaround given the setting has been removed from all settings windows, but I wouldn’t rely on it. I’m quite sure that a new API to mitigate the chat style issue will be released soon under ChatService.

Either way, a good pointer to a function I wasn’t really aware existed.