How to import my mesh without it decimating

So for whatever reason roblox studio decimates the hell out of my mesh when I import it and if anyone can help it would be great
(btw the mesh only has about 500 tris)

Mesh I'm trying to import

This is what happens when I import it

Is your mesh solidified? I had this issue before, and the solution that simply had was to add a solidify modifier to the mesh, and just change the value to 0.001 or 0.01 to make it not noticeable.

EDIT: Also make sure that you’re not using a edgesplit modifier, as that can cause problems as well.

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it’s filled in on both sides

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Right, but you may have to make a solidify modifier. The mesh isn’t actually solidified, and Roblox could be reading the faces wrong. This was my issue a while back.

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what? your solution makes no sense all the solidify modifier does it just extrude the faces out and in order for a mesh to be solid, all the faces would be filled in

also the normals are all facing the correct way

I tested it out anyway but it didn’t work

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No, that is not all that solidify does. I’ve used solidify for plenty of uses and an issue like this is one of them. I’m just trying to help and provide a solution that works for me. Did you try and make the solidify as a negative so that it doesn’t show (since the normals are facing the correct way)??

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what?? that’s exactly what the solidify does it extrudes faces out and it just made my regular cylinder a hollow cylinder anyways I’m not trying to argue with you

I’m not sure if this is the reason but it may of been the mesh being too long or something with the scale rather than the actual mesh and roblox decided to decimate it

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That’s is what solidify does, you’re correct. But solidify can also be used as a solution to issues like this when rendering to Studio, as it has been for me.

What I used it for was a bit more complex than this, so that may be why it happened to work for me.

I’m not trying to argue with you either, I’m just saying that it has worked for me in the past and to not knock it down.

And this could be a reason. Try making the mesh larger in Blender then importing. I
highly doubt that it would do anything but it is a possibility.

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Have you tried triangulating the mesh before exporting?

I already did that but it didn’t work

nope, I think that actually might work I’ll try (it didn’t work)

Alright, I just wanted to make sure that was tried. Didn’t try an argue, just wanted to make sure that it was known that it worked for me and make sure you didn’t try and knock it down until you tried it.

Maybe try and import 1 leg of it, and import it several times, adding one leg each, to see where it could be going wrong??

EDIT: Try adding an edge split modifier to it, the more that I think about it, that may help. From my experience, certain modifiers are good for resolving issues such as this when rendering into Roblox.


set the RenderFidelity to Precise, disables the decimation without having to add more tris.


:rotating_light: :rotating_light:PLEASE STOP SUGGESTING USING THE SOLIDIFY MODIFIER. :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

Solidify Mod will not fix your inverted normals. If you have any meshes that appear to be fixed by Solidify, they’re actually very very broken. Solidify is only used for making solid geometry have additional interior geometry, like turning a solid sphere into a balloon.

It’s an incredibly destructive workflow that’s difficult to undo once applied, ruins game performance, and breaks meshes. Please go back through your replies and delete or edit out your incorrect suggestion to avoid confusion from other devs looking to get into Blender. This misinformation has spread long enough!!

I also want to note that the Edge Split modifier is also really bad for performance, since it creates more verts and edges by literally splitting tris along any applicable edge. It’s easier to undo (merge by distance), but still not a great solution.

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My uses for Solidify have no change in performance, as the mesh was low in triangles. There are several different potential fixes to problems. Your best bet is to first try solidify as it can help identify the root cause.

Correct, we addressed this towards the top.

As far as this, this makes no sense. Yes, it has the potential to diminish game performance, but it does not break a mesh if used correctly.

As far as this, I’m not sure what you’re meaning by “broken.” All meshes that I’ve used this for have had a purpose for solidify. I believe you missed my point when I posted regarding this.

Thank you for posting regarding this, but I believe you may have missed my point with this.

Thanks for posting and clarifying for future developers.

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If you’re using the Solidify mod like this, you’re wrecking your game’s performance with every mesh you apply it to and will literally have to go back, fix, and reupload your meshes to fix it. That’s what I mean when I say “break your mesh.”

It’s also a destructive workflow because it’s a pain to reverse.

Name these purposes. Show examples. If it’s used for anything other than just creating additional geometry to make objects have interiors, I almost guarantee there’s better, more performant methods.

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I must look through my files and send a photo of it, however, I use this method for things such as cups, satellites (hard to explain), and anything that is open at one end and closed at another. Let’s finish this in DMs because I genuinely would like to know of any other methods for future reference.

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