How would I make a prefect curve for a road with this?

Use this:


This plugin didn’t really help. Is there any other plugins like this???

Try using this one.

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That one didn’t get what I want either :frowning_face:

Resize align / geom tools :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and achimedeies

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idk how to help u but here’s a roadpack (plsdont have mesh detail level on 4)

I tried those but they’re really hard to make a perfect curve. Is there some sort of formula to this tho???

That won’t help. My point is how would I make a curve from these 2 edges align perfectly.

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build on a scale you should :weary:

you should what??? huh?? I didn’t get that…

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im talking like yoda dude get the joke.
im saying you should build on a scale it will make your life better

you could place a cylinder to help you position your initial parts for the archimedes plugin. after that just tweak size of the part and angle in the plugin

try using this plugin. who knows, if it does not help, I apologize.

and if you don’t know how to use it you can watch this video.

(How to Build a Drift Track from Scratch! (Side Walls) - YouTube)

This plugin will do the job nicely.

You could try using Unions and NegativeParts to make a cylinder become a road curve

make sure the roads are equal
just put a rough draft of the curve, it doesnt have to fully connect and use resize align to connect them all perfectly
if you want a perfect smooth curve with all the smoothest of smooths, i don’t think its possible in studio

Yes I the parts are within a 1 stud ratio. Yeah I know it wont be a perfect smooth curve, but I want it to connect together from those 2 edges smoothly. That’s my point here.

I tired that and it looked ugly and was hard to align with the 2 parts.

if you want to connect from those 2 edges smoothly, does following the decal work

No, is there a way to do it without the decal, the decal was just a rough copy of my road. Sorry for the confusion here. I don’t want it to exactly fit with the decal, I just want to connect the 2 parts with a curve.