I made a dubstep background song

In my opinion this song would work well as a background song on a play menu in a laser tag game.

My favorite part is 0:41 - end.

Commissions are open

No stealing

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I like it, but there is too much reverb (I think that’s what its called) at the start, maybe add some drums at the beginning. Sounds good other than that!

I like it too! It’s very nice!

According to some video earlier I’ve watched about, the UK dubstep artists preferred cutting the mids away from the bass, keeping it very deep and intriguing. Bright elements are almost non-existent in that genre though.

If you’re looking for the brostep subgenre, you can keep the mids on the bass and try to give the bass a little more growly tone.

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Sounds awesome, you should create more sounds because your sounds are so good.

I have a whole list of them under the song.

Just got your message. What’s your DAW? That wobble is very heavy, love it. Same thing again at 0:07. Add a riser or some sort of indication towards this new section for the listener. At 0:28, I think you should add a cinematic drum kit on beat one.

You’re also using the wrong kind of drums for dubstep. I write melodic dubstep in my spare time as a passion. I’ll be happy to send over some one-shots I have.

Also, don’t listen to Operatik lol. Sorry Operatik, you can kill me on Discord if you want. Dubstep is not his area. He does more DnB/House music. You definitely want to keep your mids. In fact, I’d suggest boosting them via EQ.

Here is a little something I spent the weekend writing and developing:

I cut off the bad word, so moderation, please don’t kill me.

That 12 second sample is consisting of over 3 dozen individual presets. https://gyazo.com/d5946fecb06b087397b4a585bc235a06

What I’m getting to is that you need layers to make it feel fuller. Along with OTT and distortion.