So I made a doom-like song - BOOM

Note: This genre of music is completely out of my comfort zone cause I don’t normally make songs like this.

Here’s the song:

Here are some of my other songs I’ve made:

One of my few finished songs - Chill City!
I found one of my oldest songs I’ve made
V2 of Beach Chill - My unfinished Project
My new song - Vacation In Edinburgh


You could accompany the synth lead with a sharper and rougher synth lead, after it plays the initial melody. For the mixing, try amping up the bass a little more, it’s bland and flat currently and needs some high impact. Not sure about the snares, maybe you can tune up its presence and “splash” it in the foreground.

I like it a lot! keep going at whatever your going for! :smiley:

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That all makes sense! I will go back and fix it sometime later…

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New doom game where?

(By the ways, love the song.)

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Thanks for liking it! Could you PM me so we can discuss?

What program did you use, if you used any.

Dont push old topics to the top.

Didn’t know questions weren’t allowed on the forum anymore.

I used a music program that came with my video editor. And I also used my MIDI keyboard too.

Don’t listen to EcholexWasTaken I’m always up for answering questions.