I need help making a game where you can order stuff

I am currently making a GFX group where I want people to go into a game, then they choose a type of order they want and pay for it, then it allows them to fill out information and send it to me. So that they just purchase it in game, the funds get sent to my group, the information gets sent to either Discord or Trello (Whatever you guys can come up with) It would be very very appreciated <3


If you search around on devforum you could easily convert one of these application systems to fit your needs.

*Note I have not tested any of these so I don’t know how good/bad these are but I believe you can do some research into these and find the best one for you.


I cannot seem to customize it how I want. I want to make a screen of 3 dev products before it lets you fill out the application/information. Where you have to buy it before filling out the information. Basically so it’s an easier way to pay for a GFX rather than any trust issues.

Okay well then you need to breakdown the steps to make that possible. Here is some of the things you will need to get you started. I can’t hold you hand but I have the up most confidence that you can continue to do research and accomplish your goal of making this product :+1:

This should help you make buttons that will be used to select the 3 dev products.

And this tutorial should help you will the devproducts.


Good luck :+1:

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