I need help with low poly builds

Hello! I’m creating this because I need help with low poly. I love the low poly look and would love to learn how to do it, so I need your help on what software I should use and maybe some pointers. If there are some helpful videos out there please link them to me it would be much appreciated.


For software, it depends on preference. Due to the simplicity Roblox Studio provides, you can work on low poly builds without leaving studio, if you wish! Of course, you can always work on low-poly builds in Blender or other 3D modelling programs. It comes down to which you prefer best in using.

Although I haven’t had much experience in low-poly builds, I have done low-poly assets. In my experience, you should try to keep the same material for the low-poly build/asset, such as all-plastic, or all-wood. Additionally, looking at the object you’re basing it off of, or any other low-poly renditions of the object can help you grasp the ideas of what to do, and how to do it.


Generally, all you have to do is stick to using bright colors and the plastic material. The build itself should have minimal detailing. The details you do have should be in contrast to what’s surrounding it and be easily visible from further distances.

If you want to go above and beyond what’s normally done, then you can make use of exaggerated and/or offset features. Good examples of this can be found in Toontown, or Meep City.

Assets for landscaping like rocks and trees are usually better off being modeled in Blender.


You can make low poly builds. In roblox studio by using plastic material,as for blender and different other 3D programs! you can make low poly builds with but if you want to learn different programs to make low poly models you could always learn blender. It just depends on which one you prefer to use to make them…

But if you want to learn blender. I would suggest you go over to the #learning-resources:community-tutorials and look at some, beginner low poly guides and tutorials if you want to create weapons,shops,house, it just really depends on which programs you prefer more.

Here are some tutorials:

Beginner Tutorials

Blender Beginner Tutorial

How to use blender for beginners

Modelling For Beginners Blender Tutorial


If you send me some attempts of low-poly builds, I can give further tips, but in general, it is difficult to provide advice. The best suggestions I can give is to use minimal detail, use diagonals instead of curves, and use bright contrasting colors with either the plastic or smooth plastic material.

I recommend the following plugins for simple low-poly builds:

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I think you’re referring to flat shading rather than low-poly.

This topic has been discussed previously (@Aotrou has discussed this multiple times).


There’s so much more to the “low-poly” look everyone goes for:
3 fundamental differences are

  1. Color Scheme: All colors must be blended evenly, Studio RGB sliders are perfect for this. Make the colors/textures look like they were hand picked from the same color palette.
  2. Scale: This is the part everyone messes up on… Be coherent in your build’s style please! Make doorways, hallway widths, and ceiling heights the same.
  3. Assets: Good if you got em, makes you look like a good builder
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As a low-poly builder, The tips I have are:

  • Be creative. Think, “What could make this more fun-looking?”

  • Use Blender. I’ve been using it for 5 months, and it has never failed me.

  • Search for concept art/references as a starting point. Once you got the hang of it, keep practicing.

  • Like what @nineteen85 said, colors are really important here as well. Use vibrant colors to make it look more appealing.

Videos I suggest watching:

Posts I suggest reading

Hope this helped!

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Hi AwesomePenguin84!

Sorry for the late response,

Low Poly Builds can be quite a simple task with the right programs, a good one for beginner’s is Blender which is free, I use Blender a lot, and I do not usually do low poly builds.

If you have some extra money laying around 3DSMax is also a great option for modelers.

Below I will attach a video that really helped me understand Low poly building.

Have a good one!