ICYMI: Experience controls test starting November 20!

Hi everyone,

In case you missed it, we’d like to remind everyone that starting on November 20, we will begin testing the updated experience controls to a portion of users. The experience control layouts we are testing are all left-aligned, and some vary by the prominence of the text chat controls.



How does this affect me?

If you have yet to make a design change to your UI, we encourage you to use the signal API and/or the new TopbarSafeInsets API that are available across Roblox client and Studio to avoid collisions with your ScreenGui content. These APIs will make it easier for you to design your experience UI in a way that is compatible with the Roblox reserved space.

For FAQs and more details, please see our original DevForum post here.


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Can there just be an option where we can just choose to have the original topbar or the new one? Cause that would fix alot of problems.


I’m not sure how to feel about this, on one hand it’s gonna be annoying to get used to new UI as I’ve become used to the old (and might be a bit different on the development side), but on the other this looks so much cleaner, and is better in the long run.


This version of the topbar looks a lot better than what it originally was. However, it would be nice if there were some APIs that would let you add buttons to the topbar and if the topbar didnt take up so much space.


I really like the new one, but I do wish we could customise features such as colours and change the experience controls roundness. It would allow games to be personalised so much more!

Are there any plans to have a built in system like TopBar Plus in the future to allow us to have custom icons?

The new controls work quite well so far with my new GUI looks, still needs a few tweaks!


To be honest, I’m really not a fan of including chat in that toolbar, as it really makes it hard to close and reopen chat.


No way?! A change was made to make this more bareable… Would still like to flag a bunch of issues which may have not been patched yet, however:

I also have concerns over how hidden the chat button is and also how this will affect entirely UI-based experiences (ideally such experiences should only have the Roblox icon button)? These are insanely harsh changes for these types of experiences which previously operated using up most of the screen-space; even a small amount more being used up by CoreGui elements is a massive change for them.



whoops guess I have to ask for it again because Roblox is obsessed with forcing UI onto people. I have no issue with the UI itself (I actually think its decent), the issue is that this is a breaking change (change in UI vertical size), and that it cant be hidden at all.

I’ll come back in 2 years when you guys decide you want to change the topbar AGAIN.


Let us make our own ui. Stop forcing your UI on our games, and then changing them randomly. It makes it much harder as a developer to make our games when this UI is ever changing and getting in the way.


Can we get a toggle to move the expanding menu to the Right side of the screen like it was originally?


I’d still prefer to use the old top bar rather than having this new version, stop changing the coreui please


Not sure why this couldn’t be split off into a new toggle, much like how we can still use the LegacyChatService if we don’t like the modern one.

The new height of the bar is super ugly with a ton of dead space in it, and having all icons thrown to the left is really annoying, it should only be the Roblox Icon and the Chat Button, on the left, the Leaderboard button should go on the right… where the leaderboard is…

Disappointing changes, you should do better.


roblox in two months: Deprecating TextChatService.ChatVersion. wait no im giving them ideas


This should 100% be optional and not forced onto us, not everyone wants the new top bar UI.


can we have an option to choose the side the new menu is on? i liked it better when it was on the left and that works better with my ui. thanks for considering


It’s so difficult to make good UI when the CoreGui changes every 2-3 years and further removes real estate from developers. I get it’s probably for branding purposes and whatnot but this still feels incredibly intrusive. Nearly all of my experiences only actually need the chat button. We do not use any of the metaverse socialisation features and in fact try to actively block them.

I can only cope that at some point we can start embedding our own experience controls into these menus, which would be super helpful rather than having to mock the style of the topbar on a regular basis. The avatar context menu was a good start but no further attempts were made after that.

I’m still not a fan at all of how these new experience controls remove so much space from the screen, Roblox should actively know how much UI design means to us developers and we should be able to compromise on our artistic vision and this menu’s intent. If the Roblox icon expanded into the experience controls I would have less of an issue. Two buttons is too much. Ew.


never mind actually nobody should have to waste time changing ui for this and some games are no longer frequently updated or at all and they will get broken ui
it would also be great to be able to pick the side the new button is on.
it was better on the right side in my opinion and was also symmetrical. thanks so much roblox engineers for considering :+1:


Although it’s a nice look, alot of the buttons there ruin the in game experience such as the weird and buggy face camera which seems to be useless.


There are many different types of experiences out there dealing with different changes in the platform for both things we do and don’t have control over. Some experiences have very old UI that need to be updated, not everyone uses declarative UI libraries and not all UIs are entirely flexible. And sometimes Roblox is very whimsical about changes they make, the CoreGui being one of them.

It may take you only a few minutes but this isn’t a universally applicable time frame. Some developers have complex UI or want to focus on actual content for our experiences. To say “you shouldn’t be a game developer if you can’t adapt” is inflammatory, ignorant and unnecessary, on top of being irrelevant to the core complaints regarding these experience controls.