Images from older devforum posts disappearing

On older devforum posts, many images hosted on * have been disappearing, when viewed from the forum page the images appears as broken images:

However when opened in a new tab, the image appeared to be 404.

This has happened to newer post as well, Most of the images appears to have been attached to *, instead of

First Experienced: Around December
Last Experienced: 1/11/23
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Issue Area: DevForum


Update: it appears that to get the image back, all you need is to replace the cloudfront domain with, and remove the “/default” from uploads/default/original

Meaning the image has not been lost, but moved.

For example: 3ccea89c810803b752f41bd14cd155a6255cc4c8

Can be fixed with


This doesn’t seem to work always, for example, this post has broken images: A property for flipping GUI images - #2 by buildthomas

Yet the links are already in the new format. What’s weirder is that the preview does show the images correctly:

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what im curious is what url is the preview is linked to, one of my post from 2022 (All ROBLOX server locations - #58 by GoodNameOnly), it’s already linked to the correct domain, it still doesn’t work, even preview linked it to transparent.png from

The preview in my post links to:


Maybe my post just needs a re-bake since it looks like the preview urls do not match the urls in the cooked post content

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I get 403 on my end even with the new URL, I think there may be issues on their s3 bucket’s permission.

Some of my posts even I can’t access the image with preview or anything and some I can just by changing some URL

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you linked a .xml file, i don’t know what .xml file is for, but it shows this

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

.xml files is similar to .html files and the example down below

<img src="">

Pretty sure amazon s3 returns this both when there is no such file or the access is denied

Some images seems to be from a completely different URL, found with google images:
if this is part of your post:

The url I found is:

No this is not in my post.