Incident Report: Large Spike in Teleport Failures: "Attempted to teleport to a place that is restricted"

Hello We are still experiencing this issue, Here is the report

Game Zombie Task Force

ID: 4693424588

We have gotten less of these reports by my developer just experienced this RN 11 PM EST

Launched with US Based Browser Google Chrome, No ad Blocker

The problems stopped for a day, but continued about a day later.

Game: Escape the Night
ID: 6213850086
Link: Escape The Night - Roblox
Error Code: 773
Error Message: Attempted to teleport to a place that is restricted

Not sure if it’s a region problem anymore, just a problem in general.

thanks for the additional reports. we believe we got the region issue down but it seems like there’s a less frequent, but generic problem still

could you please also include what kind of teleport y’all were using in your reports? additionally, if there are any console messages (after pressing F9), those would be really helpful as well.

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I don’t get errors when I teleport, so I can’t get any console messages right now. I do track any failures with TeleportInitFailed and send it to discord through a webhook. It gives a mix of Failure and Unauthorized.

I use reserved servers to create a code then teleport an array of players with TeleportToPrivateServer.

I just got it while trying to teleport to a round in Battle Buddies

I am not sure it is related to that teleport issue, but I’ve got many reports in the last hours about teleports failing 100% of the times. After I had a look, it seems that it only happens with servers with access codes and gives the “Unknown error”:

One of the players also took a screenshot of the developer console, which showed the following after the teleport failed:

This is very critical for my game, as it relies heavily on teleports. The game where it happens is this one: Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51 !!! - Roblox (endless survival mode for example relies on private servers with acess code, and some players are saying it is failing 100% of the times to teleport)

I hope something can be done quicly to solve teleport related problems, which are pretty frequent unfortunately.

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hey folks - this appears to be a different issue than what’s already mentioned in this thread, and there’s another post referencing it: Teleportservice failure

we are seeing some irregularities and will post updates there.

apologies for the issues and thanks for your patience.


The 769 error code does seem to be a different error and I don’t know of anyone who isn’t affected by it currently, however 773 is still going on as well. I’m not experiencing error 773 myself anymore and haven’t once since I last said, however I know some people are still experiencing it even as recently as less than an hour ago. It doesn’t seem to be tied to any specific game and is happening when teleporting to reserved servers.

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I understand. we’re still keeping tabs on this and adding some additional logging to help us figure out what the root cause is - we haven’t stopped looking into this.


hey folks - we’ve made some updates and have noticed some improvements in our charts. could you please let us know if you’re still seeing 773 errors? if you are, please view this post: Incident Report: Large Spike in Teleport Failures: "Attempted to teleport to a place that is restricted" - #128 by pizza_shadows, and reply with the details contained in that post.

thank you!


I am but only when I tried doing a soft-shutdown script. I have teleporting to another place, and that one works fine.

PlaceId teleporting to: 6719572795
PlaceId teleporting from: 5895051716
UniverseId: 2109751825

It could be me doing something wrong, but I did the EXACT same for another game and it worked just fine.

I am using :TeleportAsync()*


Same happening after 2 years to me aswell.

Server’s are not private, third party teleports are already enabled.

EDIT: lol I found that it is a temporary issue.

Im having this exact issue with reserveServers.

thanks for the reports folks. we’ll look into this further to see if we can determine the root cause

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Having this issue right now. I’m using :GetFriendsOnline() to try and create a “join your friends” list so players can hop to the servers their friends are in. Even though the place is a valid ID within the same Experience, this pops up:


I’m using the information the friend objects provide to set the proper JobId with a TeleportOptions object and everything, but no luck.


Same thing happens when I try to teleport to my friend’s server in Roblox Murder Mystery 2 using Nikilis’s in-game friend joiner.

Its really strange. I tried to use the API in Studio and I get the same error you got and the one I got in MM2.

I’m positive I’m using the API correctly.

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I am also having the same issues when I use TeleportToPrivateServer.
It was working yesterday until Polyhex’s post.

This is what it looks like when I try to teleport to a reserved server.

I’m also regularly getting the error “Same account launched from different device” repeatedly when attempting to join reserved servers. Seems to only happen after a few times of being teleported, I’ve tested this minutes apart and ensured my Roblox instance was fully closed so I don’t think that’s a factor at play.

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This seems to be occurring for me now


Edit: Nevermind, seems I was attempting to get a ReserveServer from the wrong Id