Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period

I’m honestly upset with this change, as I do 3D Modeling for people, I rely on those pay-outs to get my funds. Trying to do modeling as a living was a challenge already, as waiting 3 days was long if they didn’t have anything in the group funds already and just decided to buy a t-shirt was hard enough. Waiting a week now just makes it 10x harder to do commissions for a living or even part-time on Roblox now.


I don’t really see an issue with this since once you have a game running for over a month you will cease to notice this unless you’re a smaller game and you rely on ads.


Well if you spend all your funds on advertisements rather dev-ex/saving up that’s your mistake. Not ROBLOXs. If you’re running a legit game is solid income you shouldn’t really notice this change after a couple weeks.


It would be nice if they present us what the risk or fraud or abuse is presented,
it is hard to have people follow your message if there wasn’t proper explanation
knowing this will cause more suffering to us. Please take this a consideration, 30%
and 3days is already a pain.


That’s the point the system is out balanced, some games only depend on paid game access like Rogue Lineage and some fully abide from Premium Payouts like Group Recruiting Plaza, causing the system to be mismatched.


As the owner of a group that uses a custom accounting payout system, which I have made my methods public for any to use

I am appalled by the lack of concrete book keeping this implies due to the range factor.

I copy and paste the monthly dev stats Visits and Earnings and paste it into my spreadsheet.
Therefore, each month, I pay my developers and myself the earnings of the previous month.


Currently, this is a set in stone 3 days, so I am able to confidently alleviate any concerns on when my developers will get paid.

A range of when payouts are happening is flat out unacceptable to large scale operations on Roblox. The problem being the uncertainty of the range. Not only because of the potential for rampant corruption with certain developers or groups getting fast tracked, but for simple accounting techniques.

We all get that after the first week, we won’t notice this, only we will have become perpetually up to 4 days (7- the current 3 days pending sales takes) poorer to what is potentially our own Robux.

But again, the range is the most unacceptable part. Uncertainty, and different classes of developers getting their Robux quicker or slower does not create happy and productive developers on Roblox.


Roblox should have a system like steam sign up when making an account with email and when you want to log in you would need a code that it’s sent to your email 2 step verify is a thing but can be easily bypassed with someone information given to roblox support


This just seems totally unnecessary. I thought 3 days was a lot of time. Now, we have to wait more? This does more harm then good, especially for smaller developers.


Dear Roblox team, I am a small developer and now I live from roblox. If I had to wait a week longer it would be a huge loss for me and I could not live on roblox anymore. And I can’t create that many games anymore. So please shorten the peridode for developers to MAX one DAY !

Thanks for your understanding, best regards kevini44


This seems like a huge stall in my opinion. This is definitely not the way to go.


Why? Is there something wrong with the current 3 day period? Sometimes robux can take even longer then just 3 days anyway?


30% taken,
3 days wait till now,
So many strict regulations, and now a wait of a whole week?
Could you also please elaborate on sales security? Yes, I agree that everyone who has commented till now are saying the same thing as it is a matter which is really serious, three days itself is a very long wait and who will bear more extensions…?

Not to be rude Roblox Staff, but this decision is ridiculous. Please re-think your priorities.


This is another disappointing band-aid fix. Rather than actually putting resources and funding into expanding a proper moderation/review team, it’s just band-aids after band-aids.

All you’re going to do is slowly drive people away from the platform. Making it harder for devs to make money is not the right direction, there’s already the 30% tax, and then when it comes to devex, we get what, 17% of the revenue? Or is it even less, I don’t remember. So not only is there the 30% tax on the initial sale, we get taxed again when we cash out.

But yes, make it take even longer for devs to make money. Most people aren’t going to stay on the platform long-term if they can’t predict their income. Having a random 7 day waiting period to get your funds to then wait anywhere from 2 days to over a month to get paid out makes people really weary of really going full on in becoming a dev.

Stop with the useless and annoying band-aid fixes. These help nobody, not even the problem you’re trying to “Fix”.


This is really outrageous. For big developers it won’t affect them as much, however small developers who depend on the money they make to funnel it right back into adverts, sponsors, etc. This really will damage them. A possibility of waiting 7 days for the revenue you made that day. Please reconsider this decision.


tough one. Many will have to readjust their budget on ads, especially smaller games who’re just starting out and couldn’t get their hands on funds their game may have earned.

This moderation should be fixed, everytime some screw up happens in the roblox moderation such as bots you tend to just double everything, double the captcha difficulty now double the payout pending?
This is rough.


A lot of big developers and influencers commission me by purchasing a shirt, so sometimes I have to change the price of a shirt to something above 10K so they could buy it. Would that be suspicious and lead me to get falsely banned?


This update is interesting, and I fail to see how effective this will be, other than giving you more time to do something. There is so little transparency here, all I know is what you are going to do, but why?

If you won’t explain why things are needed, you will receive very little understanding.

My opinion on this? Once you delay your employees’ salaries by a week more, then I can accept this, but that isn’t happening.

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This is massively problematic, especially for those who do commission work on the platform and rely on earnings. This decision should be reconsidered.


You wouldn’t be banned for selling an asset at a high price as that would be totally unjust. It may just have a longer waiting period for you to receive funds