Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period

This is reasonable. A week cap is industry standard afaik. These terms may not be bad at all depending on the implementation, assuming it’s dynamic.

Though like anticheat in a game, I figure there may be so few bad actors it does more collateral harm to the masses at its T1 error rate than the rate at which it correctly flags the thieverous minority.

Will risk of fraud and abuse terms be made transparent to help developers gauge what comes when?
Or obfuscated to prevent gaming them?

I’m not a fan of this change… AT ALL.
I already have to wait 3 days and get 30% taken off of my clothing sales for my group funds to come in, Also as someone that does commissions in that area that will make T-shirt payments not an option anymore since that’s probably going to make the system think you’re suspicious and it will take literally a week to have robux come in. Even if you went the group fund route with commissions it could potentially take longer for the client to be able to afford the service you commission.

My question though, if this is true this could look better for clothing designers, will this make clothing botters (people that steal the clothing and buy it up to the front page) be consisdered suspicious with this system in place? and if someone is considered suspicious for too long will their account and or group be invesigated by a human moderator?

if this makes clothing botting nearly impossible to do and front paging clothing onto the front page I may really like this idea since I’m sick of peoples original work being copy stamped thousands of times to have that copy sold unlike the original


This is seriously the most ridiculous change brought about. 3 days is too much, also during weekends we can’t even get our funds! So if we buy a shirt we don’t get it on Sunday, but instead on Monday! That really is too long.

Just remove that waiting period. Your doing everyone a favour. There are million others ways of checking fraudulent activities.


7 days until the payment is released is way too long for small developers. They want to have their earnings fast so they can keep investing in their games.

Please, think again about this and maybe make it shorter for transactions on games of smaller developers (below a specific amount of average current players or something like that should be considered as small developer).


This update will only make developing on ROBLOX even less attractive. The 30% tax on developer products, shirts etc. And now an even longer waiting period for pending robux to process?!

If you want to pull this update through, atleast consider removing that ridiculous and horrendous 30% tax rate from shirts, developer products etcetera.


Can there be additional clarification on how this will be implemented? I am guessing the score will go down if the transaction is abnormal compared to previous transaction history, the user/group was created recently, the account recently had a security setting such as email, pin, 2fa, etc changed, or there’s a sudden influx of transactions into the group?

I think Roblox should prioritise implementing security features such as supporting TOTP authenticator apps to replace account pins and email 2FA, and requiring it for transactions.

These are both security features which have been highly requested by developers for years. 2FA for transactions is in the top 15 all time topics in platform feedback (not web features, the top level category). This was just recently implemented for group ownership transfers. Roblox lacks this additional level of security compared to other platforms.

These features should have been implemented first, which would have allowed product/engineering to perform analytics over the next few months to determine whether security incidents went down, or if it was still necessary to implement changes which could possibly affect legitimate users.

Jumping straight to a change which could possibly affect legitimate users makes no sense to me.


All these negatives replies and Roblox still most likely won’t listen to a word.


The post is written in a way that implies that they’ve already decided on it and are just fielding questions. I’d assume this is true.


I’m making a game and waiting 7 days to get my profits is too long. First waiting that long will hurt my game because I can’t put ads out and I can’t hire people to work for me if I have don’t have Robux. Do 5 days or 4 instead of 7. I think Roblox should focus more time on new textures, Improving Roblox studio and make new characters. I think if you release this update people will be developing less. Just my opinion.


I’m kind of missing the criticism’s actual logic here. The seven day period is rolling, which means if you make consistent profit, you will still receive your funds at the same pace.

To that extent, will developers ever be given more information on why specific transactions failed to process? It would be nice to have an anonymous summary of every failed transaction by reason, similar to how we can see the amount of each age demographic in our developer statistics but not an individual user


Starting up a game small developers can just about manage a 3 day rotation on ads, after 7 days pending, that is a lot to wait for I feel as it is just making it harder for developers to start up games as they have to wait such a long time to run ads again, instead of enough for 10K a day initially you would only need 30K but now you would need 70K to run a full weeks ads.

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If this is being put into place we can atleast lower the 30% tax-rate or just abolish it to compensate - roblox can literally just give themselves an infinite amount of R$ from what I understand (they do own & run the platform after all).

If that isn’t done we should probably revert back as it might hurt many games & developers causing roblox’s profit and community to die off a little (or a lot depending on how many people dislike it).

I for one find this update rather unnecessary and annoying.

Not to mention the servers for Roblox haven’t even been upgraded either while Adopt Me basically causes the entire platform to crash since the servers provided can’t handle the amount of requests.

And I’d understand normally but c’mon - Roblox is a multi million dollar company and surely upgrading infrastructure and listening to its users would lead to higher profits for Roblox as a company and better circumstances for those who do it to DevEx and the like.

Also I’ve seen a few people saying it’s our problem - it really isn’t Roblox has more than enough money to hire enough moderators and train them instead of using a semi-useless automated system to do the work for them - especially when 25% of their money supposedly is spent on moderation.

Not just that but tons of other platforms notify you when a new device logs in via email and whatnot but Roblox doesn’t provide that functionality even with the funding and need to do so.


I don’t like this at all. I’m a clothing designer, not only the copying problem isn’t getting fixed, but we had to wait 3 days for our funds to come. now they made it even longer?? what does the pending time have to do with “security” or some sort of fraud. this is just unnecessary.


I have a question , previously I had more then 3 days to wait for my robux in group funds or my own robux , about 7 days . But now I must wait more then 3 weeks , next week I will be able to dev ex again . What are you doing roblox ?

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This is also really bad for people who just start there game and investing there 10k robux. They want to invest the robux they made out of the game as soon as possible, so there game don’t die. Running 1 ad a week for a brand new game can kill a starting game.

I don’t have this problem, but this can be a big problem for starting game makers/investors.

The better option is to hire more staff instead of making the pending time longer.


I’m glad that there are more changes to the website security involving the exchange of robux.

Both me and my friend’s accounts were hacked in two separate unrelated occasions and when we had gotten our accounts back, in the transactions, both of our accounts had bought a random single t-shirt that costed over 1,000 robux. It is very common for hacked accounts to make fraudulent purchases for an extremely overpriced user-generated item to drain the account’s robux.

This is a step in the right direction, but maybe in the future, trusted accounts, like accounts that have DevEx or are part of the Dev Forum, should have much lower waiting periods than random accounts that are brand new and have no content, since those kinds of accounts are very notorious for being throwaway bot accounts to funnel stolen robux into.

Edit: I’ve read other replies and I agree that extending the period will not put an end to the huge amount of bot laundering that goes on in the site. From my personal experience, after I got hacked and my robux stolen, I immediately contacted support the morning after. After receiving template support email after template support email, it took over 10 days for a human person to talk to me and actually look at my stolen robux issue, then they said that the robux had already went through. I got my robux back, but support threatened that if this happens again, I won’t get a refund.


1 week,i just cant. Because i try to do commision and it taking long enough time. Like i understand the safety and all,but 1 week is just insane. Especially people that doesnt have group. i do commision most of the time and i have to wait sometimes unsure as theres no approximate date. Maybe just let it stay the way it is

I don’t have a question, but I have some feedback that could be useful;
Why not making a list of people that are fully trusted and don’t have any moderation history (Let’s say, developers or translator that are really open about their stuff) and make it so people on that list don’t have to wait? That would be kind of a good feature. There could be, let’s say, an applying process for this?

I feel this is not a failing which developers should be made to be responsible for, why should we be made to suffer when this is instead a systematic failing within roblox’s moderation workflow

Also I hope there is a process in place which instantly gives the minimum wait time to developers who have been involved in the developer exchange since I believe it’s common sense they are unlikely to be making fraudulent transactions