Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period

I dislike this update. I wanted to transfer my own robux to my group for ads, but I have to wait 7-10 days? 3-4 days was good enough, Roblox should reconsider.


So I believe this update has gone live, and I can tell from recent experience with it, that this has SEVERELY screwed me over. I have had a steady income for a while now, and was able to work out the timings for my bills and rent. I will not be reaching my necessary DevEx value by the time I need to process my DevEx in order to pay for my rent and bills in time, due to this ridiculous change.

I suggest reverting this or listening to the community.

use a trust system.


Exactly, Roblox is mostly formed by smaller developers, many advanced game development teams would rather use other platforms which give them more benefits.

Still, that doesn’t mean one should be forced to drop out of Roblox which could potentially harm their economical situation.

Hell, I feel sorry for the people who probably had to get into a big argument with their landlord.

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Please revert this, people are missing out on lots of money. Or you know, at least be transparent about when the robux is coming in. Now it’s just a guessing game.


I wholeheartedly disagree. This is something that affects developer’s who have come to a reliance on DevEx for their income. I know that for people like @DevBuckette this is an issue as they make their income through DevEx to pay bills and etc. people now are going to need to wait longer to make the same amount they did before this change in order to pay bills and other expenses that are needs and requirements.


How does Rthro affect Developer Exchange?

You’re saying that nothing is worse than these? I digress. Your opinion is yours, and I’ll respect it, I’m simply just stating that I disagree. RTHRO and ANTHRO have nothing to do with anything I said otherwise I would’ve replied to the person you replied to.

Bit of an edit.
My fault for being vague, I can see now that I should’ve worded my original reply towards you to focus on your point.

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Another thing here is roblox says it has to verify my funds AFTER THE PENDING.

Pretty sure the reason why there is pending is to verify the funds but now its taking additional time. It really unfair in my opinion because I have to wait another week for the funds to be verified.

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the way I see it is that when payouts are locked they’re locked indefinitely if you’re flagged by this system. if this isn’t some kind of experimentation of some sort then this should be resolved immedietely.

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Can you please revert this and actually make the site secure in terms in account hijacking? Oh wait, that’ll never happen


@Kairomatic This is becoming past the point of ridiculous.
It is December 1st.
I have now been waiting 28 days for my funds to release.
They still show pending. You guys really need to get a support feature to get this dealt with.
I feel like I was robbed as I made the group purchase with my own robux and lost my group due to a full month to get access to my robux that I had originally. Now I lose 30 percent from buying a tshirt, and have to wait over 30 days.
This is just beyond, way beyond the most ridiculous most frustrating thing ROBLOX has done to its community.
Yall need to fix this crap.


Such a broken system, my robux I earned entirely from gamepass sales have been pending for over 7 days in multiple of my groups, I have people I have to pay and I have to deal with this.


Seriously its sad when we are lied to like this, They are aware that people rely on receiving their money they worked for to pay bills and eat?


I second this. This sytem is really hard to work with if you have people that work for you and need to be paid in time. nice funds btw! :wink:


Since people are waiting for 3 weeks apparently (that’s what I had to wait for too) I think the appropriate name for this update is called:

Developer Nightmare


Three to seven days is too long of a wait.


This thing is a joke

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Yeah, I’m definitely considering halting development on this platform at this point. ROBLOX has made one too many wrong choices. My team and I worked on a commission for weeks in hopes of making some extra income for Christmas. We finish early only for our funds to be held for over a month. No transparency from ROBLOX, no heads up, no additional information addressing this - just an email from support telling me that it could take two days, or it could take six months. They’re just telling me to wait. Disgusting.


In all honestly, this waiting period adjustment isn’t fair by any means. Even after my funds were verified, they are still pending and waiting for verification at this time? This is punishment to those that didn’t do anything wrong, as there are other ways to combat fraud or protect earnings. The new waiting period should be reverted in all honesty, as it just seems a bit redundant. There are loopholes as well to combat this, and yet there was no action taken about those loopholes (read above, as multiple posters mentioned some ways to get around this).

It’s nice and all, but this is hurting the developers/users in the end regardless how nice this may seem.
TL;DR revert this update and actually find better solutions to combat fraud and earnings getting stolen


My group was on the Bloxys and from 2012. We’ve had 0 problem paying people, even over 100 Robux. I have no idea why everyone has a wait, yet my group has none.

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Honestly I think this is an unfair update. As a small time developer and group owner I have to wait longer for my funds. I need money for ads to keep my game up and running. The three day waiting period was already long enough. I don’t need it to be any longer. This update disappoints me. I hope Roblox will fix this.