Increasing Premium Payouts

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Great change, makes it a lot easier for non cash crab games to still make some decent revenue. Now all we really need is a devex rate increase


Hey there!

It’s a great to see this change. I just have one simple ask, can it be increased by 2 more percent?

Let’s hope this helps innovate and brings more Roblox developers to a place they can DevEx. Is the concept of increasing DevEx rates being changed if the Apple/Google tax is reduced?


This is a great change! For me personally, premium payouts already account for over 30% of my total revenue and this will make developing on Roblox even more viable as an income option as it means you can rely less on gamepass/dev product sales and focus more on creating an engaging experience for players.


Sweet! This will help me out a lot and many more developers with the amount of R$ we’ll earn for things we’re currently facing and help out with game development for hiring and advertisements, mostly the real-money that we can Dev-Ex for out beneficial needs.

That’s a lot of growth/percentage that is added for the amount of R$ we’ll earn from premium payouts for users with premium playing our games, nice for that.

Question: Will we see another increase of percentage or value of R$ given with premium payouts in the future?

Another Question: Could we possibly see some sort of useful information for how much R$ we get with a single user with premium for an average time on the Developer Hub?

Cool that developers get more money and R$ with this, thank you!


Thank you so much! Premium Payouts have helped tremendously. However hear me out there is something that can improve it for devs like me that do custom accounting.

I have developed my own accounting system, (other devs can adopt, I share it here)

With this system, long before premium payouts I have paid my developers dividends from all our games total profit, so even devs only working on 1 game in our group benefit from the group’s other games lifting up. We also had to wait to the 3rd of the month before doing payouts to account for the previous month’s revenue to be in group funds. Premium payouts has allowed us to have a cushion and do payouts as soon as a new month arrives, due to the extra unaccounted Robux.

When premium payouts came out I noticed there was no easy way to figure out where certain Robux was coming from. With game studios with multiple games, this becomes a potential issue of accountability.

Instead of trying to figure out every node on this graph for each game and noting it down on a spreadsheet for each game, I decided to divide up the group’s premium payouts amongst several developers in place of my own custom dividends system. I would prefer to be able to have more control over how this Robux is accounted for per game, to better improve financial incentives amongst the group developers.

My main point is, if premium payouts was a tab on the dev stats to view how much premium payouts each game had made each month, this would be better for game accounting and allowing the developer to decide where the premium payout Robux goes, rather than it going straight to the group funds with little trace.




3 * 1.67 = 5.01 good, Roblox knows their math…

In a serious note, I’m guessing this will be permanent, unlike the tripling we had in April? Correct me if I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong! :money_mouth_face:

Are you also planning on increasing DevEx rates? (there have been several topics with requests) I guess right now it’s indirectly doing the same, but in the end, it’s at a lower magnitude.

I guess this is a great improvement in the relationship between Roblox and its developers,
Keep these amazing changes coming, Roblox! :roblox: :roblox_light:


Now I feel like Roblox is spoiling us! Thank you Roblox! I really want to know the same thing @loueque is asking. Will the percentage increase?


First the data increase and now this. Game changing!


When you’re still stuck with a game that is locked to a profile and the game’s owner who did nothing on the game for the past 3 years earns 20% more than the actual dev does now because of this update.
:tada: -_-


This change is amazing! Premium payouts have been a very good alternative to increasing devex rates, as they have essentially doubled my earnings. This is a great step forward for developers to have incentive towards making games with higher play time.

Awesome change overall!


This change will hopefully give developers incentive to create more immerse and unique takes with their game’s content, without feeling the need to overly monetize their game, which can cheapen the experience and disengage its audience.

Amazing Update!


This is a very good update I love how roblox looks out for there developers its so sweet.


Awesome! An increase to Premium Payouts was needed, and still is. I think this is a step in the right direction, however it still needs to be raised because it’s not a viable source of income.

If your game makes 200 robux in premium payouts currently, this will only increase it to about 400 robux. That’s not enough to support small developers. I also feel as if it might be insignificant to large devs as well who are making well over 1,000,000 robux daily.

Great change! Definitely a step in the right direction!!!


That’s going to massively increase earnings.


WOW! This is going to make premium payouts a real source of revenue! Thank you so much Roblox! Quick question, does this go into effect immediately? Thank you for helping smaller devs like me!


This is great, but Premium Payouts still aren’t available for paid access games. This thread is all the more relevant:


Nice! We need that extra revenue as developers


Wow, time and time again! This is definitely going to give another upper hand for developers that don’t have front-page or pay-to-win games. Can’t wait for more improvements coming through the rest of this year for developers.