Introducing an Improved Appeals Process

Today we are excited to start rolling out improvements to make filing an appeal to a moderated asset easier, more efficient, and more transparent.

We’ve listened to your feedback about the challenges of filing an appeal and the lack of visibility into the process. Our vision is to create an easy-to-access destination for all moderation activities on Roblox.

The new Reporting & Appeals destination will serve as one centralized location for you to see a comprehensive list of violations and the reasons behind decisions, and to conduct a simplified appeal process. As of today, you will be able to access this destination via a link in your new violation emails. Other ways to access Reporting & Appeals will come later this year.

Asset moderation

You will have more insight into why a particular asset was moderated and can appeal with just one click. Today’s rollout supports image, audio, mesh, model, and avatar accessory appeals. Support for additional asset types will come in 2024.

Streamlined appeals process

You can easily select the appeal option, provide insights into why their case merits a reevaluation, and monitor their asset’s status. The overall process is more streamlined resulting in faster handling times and swifter asset restoration for successful appeals. We have also added email notifications to inform you if an asset has been moderated, making it easier to know and keep track of what is occurring with your content.

What’s next

We’re excited to witness the positive impact of this new appeals system on our platform. We will be working on ways to expand notifications beyond emails so it’s easy to stay on top of your reports. Stay tuned for the evolution of appeals into a more efficient and transparent experience.

We look forward to your feedback and to supporting additional asset types in 2024. Thank you.


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Will I be sent a notification if my assets receive moderation action?

  • If you have an asset that has been moderated, you will receive a notification to the email address linked to your Roblox account.

What information will I need to provide when filing an appeal?

  • You only need to click on the asset you want to appeal, and then will have the option to provide additional info regarding the reason for the appeal.

Are there any restrictions when submitting an appeal?

  • If you don’t see a violation listed in Reporting & Appeals, you can still click the link at the bottom of the page to the support form that will allow you to appeal violations that may not be shown.

I didn’t see a particular violation listed, but I know it was moderated. Why is that?

  • At this time, we are only supporting appeals for image, audio, mesh, model, and avatar accessories. If your appeal is for a different asset type, it will not be listed. We are working to support additional asset types in the future.

Will I still be able to appeal via the support form as well?

  • Appeals will still be supported via the support form

Is this Reporting & Appeals available through the web as well as mobile/universal app?

  • At this time, we are slowly rolling this out on mobile. More ways to access Reporting & Appeals will come later this year and into 2024.

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I want to believe. I want to believe that this will actually help. Please, prove it to me!

I would like this type of appeal system, so that the ‘moderators’ don’t accidently look at the wrong asset. Happens to me a lot, and a new person keeps hopping on the ticket and making the same mistake. This would help to prevent that!


A major win for all developers.

Question, does this apply to assets (namely ugc accessories) that were created prior to this, or is it just from today forward? I’m assuming this is accessed through the moderation PM that’s sent to the user, but historically when a UGC item doesn’t pass moderation, no PM was ever sent.


Please let us view moderation history.

Not being able to view moderation history violates GDPR. This is personal information attached to accounts that can affect DevEx, and it has been shown through leaks that Roblox can see this information.

Having to go through customer support to view such information is an unncessary hassle.


Finally… Finally… Finally… Hopefully this is a spark and start for more updates to come for the moderation system. Keep trotting Roblox, keep trotting. :racehorse:


This is really well done. I remember a long time ago, one of my asset had been wrongfully moderated by the AI. It’s a painful process of getting the asset moderators to fill out information. With two clicks, it helps cutting time.


I thought this was directed to helping players with false bans :laughing: :sad:

Thats nice, I hope this expands in some ways


As of today, you will be able to access this destination via a link in your new violation emails. Other ways to access Reporting & Appeals will come later this year.


Unless moderation reasons will be clearer or the moderation system changes, this is just a new UI for the moderation appeal process.


Crossing our fingers this actually works, roblox’s moderation system as a whole needs a makeover, and this is just one step closer to achieving that.


for the love of god, please let this be a sign that roblox is actually starting to take moderation seriously


Hoping improved asset moderation is next!


Would it be possible for the content (or an image of it) in question be displayed in the details as well, rather than just the name and ID?

This would help with understanding the reason of violation, and help a lot with figuring out what got moderated since half the time assets are given forgetful names and the ID doesn’t help much since the asset is deleted.


As you said yourself, you can request to view your moderation history through customer support. So Roblox has not violated GDPR. It’s simply an annoying inconvenience to have to go through Roblox Support to get the history. Not a direct violation.


Having an in-app solution v.s. email back-and-forth is a great step in the right direction! I hope the moderation team is either upgraded or trained to take advantage of this new system to make appeals as smooth as possible.


Looks good, cool solution…


Huge W if this actually works.

Yeah, turns out there aren’t enough humans to manually review potential millions of assets and that using AI to automate it doesn’t work flawlessly either.
Who would’ve thought?

I’ve seen it happen to so many people, even getting moderated for simple stuff like a roughness texture or a normal map for all sorts of reasons.

I mean… if a brick wall texture gets moderated and removed with “sexual content” as the reason for the removal, I think the bot might be a little broken.

Hopefully with this we can restore falsely moderated assets.
If this works it’s going to make so many lives easier.

We often like to believe Roblox doesn’t do anything to address these issues.
Maybe this proves us wrong for once.
It took a while, it might not have been their highest priority, but it’s finally here after so much waiting.

And I’m thankful for it.


I don’t know if this was pointed out but you used to be able to look at the warnings/bans you had via settings. Don’t know when that was removed.


If transparency is the goal, I think account standing should be accessible on the website as well. I think it should show all moderation that’s still on your record, maybe with an appeal option if that’s available, and then an overall account standing. This is especially important for anyone looking to DevEx.

Along those lines, though on a different note, I think different types of Robux should be displayed separately. The normal Robux display can show the total amount, but clicking on it should then show the amount of each type (where the type is mainly earned or unearned). The point of this is to actually see how much Robux you have available for DevEx. Without such a system, it makes it more annoying to have Premium or sell limited items, when only earned Robux can be used for DevEx.