Introducing Audio Search by Length in Marketplace

You’ve asked and it’s finally here!

We are incredibly excited to announce a new way to search for audio assets in the Marketplace: by file length! Whether you’re looking for a short sound effect or a long background music track, now you have the ability to set exactly the length you are looking for to easily find the best audio for your game.

To take advantage of this feature. head over to the Marketplace inside Studio and navigate to the Audio category via the dropdown menu. Next, open up the side filter menu and choose a start and end time length between 0 seconds up to 7 minutes. You can either input them directly with the text inputs or with the handy slider. This feature can be used in conjunction with keyword and creator search too! Check it out!

When searching for audio, it’s important to be able to preview content! We have added the ability to preview audio from within the Asset Preview as well as from the tile view in search results. Additionally, when hovering over assets in tile view, you can easily see the time length of each file!

This was a feature that was greatly requested by all of you so we hope that it greatly improves efficiency when searching for audio assets!

Note: This feature is currently only available in Studio.

Huge shoutout to the awesome team that made this happen: @iriszh, @oldmannt, @QuantumOrbital, @ApplePineCake, @St4rst0n3, @April_Sheep, @KurtisC07, @portenio, and @longlongchien!


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Roblox has gotten rid of the hunting part of audio searching. It’s time to find songs within a five-second radius of their known audio timeframe. No more 7-minute clips of driving noises when you only need five seconds of it. Thank you!


This function is good to use for finding sound effects.
I hope there is a feature to exclude audio uploaded by Roblox as it really spam the whole audio library and cannot find the soundtracks I want to find. As well as some of the music version uploaded by Roblox are shorter than 30 seconds or even just 10 seconds and this make finding sound effects still hard although it got sound length filter.


I’ve been having to look through multiple audios uploaded by Roblox as part of APM Music’s library since there are multiple versions each with different lengths - this update should really help with that. Thanks!


This is a good update, especially finding audios that are either short or long for a specific need, since you don’t know how long a audio is until you insert it into the game. Thanks!


That will help me so much, It will save a lot of time for us the people who are looking for a short sound effect.


Amazing, this will make it easier to find sound effects instead of finding a 7 minute pre-recorded sample or song with the same name.

Now we just need the feature to remove certain users from the search term, maybe modifying CreatorName/CreatorID so that if we type CreatorID!=1 or CreatorID=!1 it hides a user or, make a new query term for it, useful for removing APM library sounds from our toolbox

I link this video


I agree with the part where @addisonshiu said they hope they exclude audio made by roblox (which is just mostly the APM music library). This update may help for specific usage like if it’s for a specific time in an event in your game, or for looping sounds like fan ambience and such.


Oh! This is nice, no more music made by Roblox spamming the toolbox! This is going to be very useful when I want to search a song from million similar songs, for example, I might find a bunch of results of the same songs, the problem would be that every song is not the full version! So, i can write the min length of the song, and I would find the song! Thanks for this feature :+1:


I second this. Every time I search for something I get pages and pages of stuff by Roblox with the same name.

For example if I’m searching for a sound effect and I type in “capacitor squeal” I get:

Search results
  • Squeal by Roblox
  • Squeal by Roblox (again)
  • Squeal by Roblox (a third time)
  • Capacitor by Roblox
  • Squeal by Roblox (fourth one)
  • Flux Capacitor by Roblox
  • 8 unrelated audios from other users because the search seems to have forgotten I searched ‘capacitor squeal’ and is instead returning pig squeals and tire squeals
  • Flux Capacitor 30 by Roblox
  • 4 unrelated audios
  • Crab Basket by Roblox (wtf)
  • Crab Basket by Roblox (again)
  • Crab Basket by Roblox
  • Crab Basket by Roblox
  • Subway 95 by Roblox
  • 12 Bar Heart b 60 by Roblox
  • Subway 95 by Roblox
  • 12 Bar Heart b 30 by Roblox
  • Breakup Song by Roblox
  • 12 Bar Heart b 30 by Roblox
  • Sharpish b by Roblox
  • More audios all by Roblox

It takes me a loooong time to find anything I want because there is no “not made by Roblox” filter. On one page I got 30 audios from Roblox and only 12 audios from other users. And the worst part is I’m going to have to sift through lots more pages like this one to find what I want, because the keyword search does not even respect what I have typed in.

Should the Roblox account should be banned for spamming the library? :O


This helps so much. Thank you for adding this feature.


Ok that’s great can we have it so that we dont have to wade through roblox audios for most searches

Can we have it so we dont have to have the Better Roblox extension to have consistent previews?

Can we have it so that we can filter by a JSON object for very specific searches?

All these features would be highly appreciated and would make our development experience a whole lot better.


This is a great update, though will there ever be an update to the preview system for audio? Like a miniature time stamp?


Is this coming to the website anytime soon? I feel like the whole website library page needs some updates (no dark theme, old style buttons etc)


This is great! This will make it easier for me to look for audio. Maybe you guys can look into adding more features for the ad system?

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Many thanks; this will be useful for looking up short sound effects.

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This is amazing! This will help me a lot so i don’t have to keep leaving roblox studio and i am exited to use it! Also it is within 5 seconds radius of their known audio TimeFrame.

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Very welcome change. Thank you!

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