Introducing Configure Group

I really like the new design. It looks way more up-to-date. However, some of the functions aren’t as easily completed (at least compared to the ‘Group Admin’ page).

For example, now I have to save each rank one-by-one when I edit them. Before, I could just click save and they would all be edited.

Another example is that I can’t edit permissions as easily. Before, I could make the role section a different view and easily set permissions. Now, I have to set each permission and save them separately.

Other than that, I really like the new layout.

That is in the backlog - hopefully will get to it this month :grimacing:


I would like this feature as well. Sorting the sales by the purchaser or item sold directly on the group admin page would come in handy.

I believe we used to be able to see the date group penders requested to join a group. It looks like it was removed, it’d be nice to have that back.


That’s really nice! But i believe adding the possibility to change group names would be an amazing addition. Also, would save A LOT of groups who accidently wrote the name incorrectly.


I’d love to see group name change as a possibility, but I don’t think it’ll ever happen. People could probably abuse it.


I would like a group name change feature, but I would think that it should be a ONE time thing and it should cost group funds. Like, 1000 group funds.

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Alright. Also another thing I would like to point has it just started today. image
It shows 8k members when really. we have
This is anotherthing that confuses me why show exact amount under allies and not group? There should also be a + after the amount so like 78k+


This is due to rounding - number of members in the group details page is rounded to one decimal point if the number is abbreviated. Previously, it was rounding to 0 decimal points and then had a + afterwards.


Can the number be rounded down rather than up, it’s a bit confusing and not logical if it’s rounded up. It’d show you a membercount you’ve not yet achieved for an example, if I have 1,363 members in a group it’d show 1.4k which imo shouldn’t be and instead would show 1.3k


They can maybe do a voting system? every group member gets notified and there is a vote? and you can only change group name once a month? to prevent spam

It would be a great idea to be able to change group names. But the most popular known problem is that if a coffe shop group get renamed to a military group. The players would be unhappy with it or they would be wondering. But the idea with a voting is good. Because if the players are for a group name change it would be well and if a user wrote the name for the group wrong when he created the group and is able to change the name because he is the only one in the group and this would make a 100% Vote for group name change.

The only problem at the voting is when the group is very big like 2k+ members:
In big groups a lot of members are inactive and that would be make the voting not possible or it would be possible but counted not how many players of the group vote for a change, but how the percent is.

Sorry for the long text.

Hello Roblox Staff and generally Developers.

We really appreciate this change, since the configure page of groups needed a little update. It’s really organized and simple to use now. Looks just like the Roblox settings page for your account. Keep on working on the site and make something out of it, so far it looks great.

Nicely done, yours

Developer, Builder

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This update is great! Now it’s time for modernized Develop and Trade tabs. :grin:

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Looks good, but it does tend to take longer to find things due to the new layout. :neutral_face:

There already are feature requests created for that.

Hi, It’s a nice change, makes things more organized.

But… weren’t you able to change your group names before? If you were able to change group names, I’d love to see that feature again if possible.

You think Roblox will add the option for group banners?


Changing group names was never possible and it doesn’t exist because of a reason.
If you join the group called ‘Pizza Lovers’ and a few months later it is renamed to ‘Ice Cream Lovers’ it would be misleading. You joined the Pizza Lovers group because you love pizza, not because you love ice cream.


I fully agree, we should be able to choose which page number we want to land on; giving more ease of access.