Introducing Connect 2022!

Hey developers and @Game-Jammers ,

We’re excited to announce Connect 2022, a fully virtual event of workshops, challenges and networking for everyone!

The event will start on June 3rd, 2022 and although no sign-up is required, you can join the Roblox Creators Guilded Server to stay up to date with the event, join Community Workshops and chat with your peers!


Community Workshops

Roblox creators from all around the world will be hosting workshops throughout June, for both introductory and advanced content! You can find the full schedule and join the live workshops here. Auto-generated captions and translations will be available in 20+ languages.

Connect Challenge

During the event, developers will be able to assemble a team to compete for prizes! More information on how to participate will be announced throughout the event. Stay tuned to this thread.

Connect Chat

Join us at the Connect Space on June 16 at 10-11AM PT to connect with developers and get a Connect 2022 T-Shirt for your Roblox avatar.

Learn more about the event here:!


  • Where are the workshops taking place?

  • How do I sign-up to attend the workshops?

    • No sign-up is required, and all workshops are open to the public. You can go over to the #workshops channel on Guilded to join our Zoom Webinar sessions.
  • How do I participate in the discussions and send questions to the speakers during workshops?

    • You must be a verified member of the Roblox Global Developers Guilded server. Once you’ve joined the server, head over to #verify for further instructions on how to verify your account.

Happy Connecting!
Developer Engagement Team

[Update] July 5, 2022

[Update] July 19, 2022


Oh nice, another challenge. I love that the Roblox administration team is taking a much more appealing approach to appease the Roblox Devs!


Great to hear a challenge is happening, can’t wait!


Sounds interesting, I’m also pretty happy that there’s no barrier to watching this (at the beginning of the post, I was sorta expecting this to be Guilded only).

I don’t generally watch most DevRel YouTube videos, however some of these definitely sound cool, will be making sure to tune into them.

The challenge also sounds interesting, I wonder what challenges DevRel has planned!


I’m really looking forward to this! I love it when we can all collectively get involved in events like this with such an awesome community of developers. :smile:


Super excited to see such an amazing event come to be. Pretty excited to a speaker at it as well so see you all at my webinar :wink:


I am quite interested to see what we are going to do once a proper announcement comes out at Guilded/here! Super excited to analyze the events that we can view in a custom URL of Developer Forums, DevForum | Roblox | Connect 2022 !


Something accessible for all kinds of human being? That event is going to the moon!


Hopefully, we’ll see a game jam or something. I missed the Dream Jam back in March and April, so I’m looking out for one. Besides that, this sounds pretty cool, though!


There is a major issue with maturity and teamwork/workplace skills in the Roblox developer community due to the ages some developers are. Thus, every event I have participated in hasn’t been great.

Could this event have a solo option?

I’d love to participate in these sorts of things, but not at the expense of my physical or mental health.


Im Hyped!

Great to hear a challenge is happening!


What exactly would be the prizes and how do you participate in the challenges?


Incredible! These events give Roblox developers a chance to learn about various areas of Roblox development along with meeting more talented individuals from this community; I can’t wait.

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That sounds like a you need to be more specific in terms of who you want to work with. Would probably recommend getting your friends to join the events with you. Teams who have worked with each other in the past have a higher chance of getting into the top spots.


Awesome!!! I definitely have ideas for this by now.


This is actually pretty cool! Excited to see how it goes.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to develop our skills and improve our game development experience here on the Roblox Metaverse. I’m definitely looking forward to participating in the workshops!


I love how often roblox administration announce big amount of various game-jams and events for developers. It gives a lot of new emotions and exclusive expirence, thank you

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I was really waiting and watching this virtual event, I think I’m not the only one glad that this time has finally come, and all developers will be able to draw new knowledge for themselves, and of course participate in the event!


I’m looking forward to the event! :slight_smile: