Introducing Creator Events 2.0!

Hi Creators,

We are pleased to announce the launch of Creator Events 2.0 (previously known as Community Events and later Creator Events)!

Creator Events 2.0 brings you a new platform, provided by Gradual, for you to watch live virtual events hosted by Event Organizers and an opportunity to host virtual events yourself. You can find or lead a wide range of events from workshops where you can learn and follow along with community professionals to create on Roblox, game jams where you can compete against your fellow community members to create awesome projects, panel discussions where you can learn from community experts and ask them questions and much more!

What’s New?

Event Organizers will have a whole range of useful tools to engage with their attendees and provide content such as:

Streaming Tools

Event Organizers can stream content reliably to their audience directly through the platform, allowing all events to take place in one, easy to navigate environment.

Live Event Interaction

With these new streaming tools come new live interaction options, including everything from a live chat feature to live reactions that show over the corner of your stream!

Content Library

All past events have a new home on the Content page. Event Organizers can easily store their past content for the community to enjoy and revisit.

Creator Events Profiles

Both Event Organizers and attendees can set up their profile on the new platform. Everyone can share what they want to learn, show off what they know, and share where they need more help.


As we progress through the year, we will continue to improve and evolve the Creator Events Program based on your feedback.

Visit the new platform here and get ready to attend some awesome events!

Enroll now!

If you are interested in volunteering to share the knowledge, tips, tricks, and experience you’ve gained from your time on Roblox, review our criteria and apply on the Creator Events Program here. You should hear from us within 2–3 weeks (depending on volume of applications).


Click here to view the FAQ!

Is this replacing the Roblox Developers Conference or Connect?

  • No, this won’t take the place of RDC or Connect!

What is the process to become an Event Organizer?

  • To volunteer for the Creator Events Program follow this article.

Is there an age requirement to host events?

  • Yes, you’ll need to be 16 or older in order to join the Creator Events Program.

Is there an age requirement to attend events?

  • Yes, you’ll need to be 13 or older in order to attend events.

When can we host events?

  • As soon as you have been accepted into the program! You can start when you are ready and have your first event planned out.

What do I get from volunteering?

  • The relationships you build with fellow creators on Roblox can be so helpful now and in the future. Through the Creator Events Program, you can connect with other creators by engaging with the people that attend your events or collaborating with fellow volunteers.

Are all events hosted in English?

  • No, we have a variety of Event Organizers from around the world that host a mixture of events in their local language as well as some English events too.
  • As long as the Event Organizer has specified the language in the event’s title or description, searching for the language should give you a list of these events

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Yiiippeeeee! I’m excited to start some new events.


So excited for this! Can’t wait to host and attend events!


The site is so awesome. Can’t wait to host some production-related presentations :clap:


would love to see some game jams happen on this :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to attend the first event!


game jams gonna be done well with this fr


Woah, this looks amazing! It’s really cool to see what new features and tools were added. Can’t wait to see what type of new events we’ll be getting. :slightly_smiling_face:
Super excited!


And what exactly happened to normal, ROBLOX-created events?


Looks interesting, let’s see how it turns out.


@InceptionTime Will this allow us to make our own Community Events such as: Egg Hunts and give out “event items” via. the UGC limited update and this?


These notions you present are intriguing.


“Programming” is mispelled when applying your skills after completing account regristation on the new platform.

Let me know if this is the wrong place to mention this.


Unsure. Probably just leave it here for now, or put it in bugs I assume?


Why on earth did this not get used for the talent hub

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Thanks, we’re aware of this typo, it’ll be fixed soon!


You totally could do that through this program but I’d think this separate product would be better for in-experience events Events platform [Full release]

As for the whole giving out items side of things, that isn’t my area so I don’t know about that.


This is EPIC!

Cant wait to host events on this new platform :smiley:

~Your favourite event organizer


honestly good feature but I really hate how roblox keeps changing up ui themes. For example, some roblox websites have that dark modern material vibe, whilst this site has a greyish purpleish modern simple theme. Its confusing, please choose one theme and stick with it instead of different ones per site.