Introduction thread for new forum members

Welcome @FaIIenFeather, good to see you and everyone else here.

Hi everyone!

I’m FaIIenFeather with two i’s. I joined Roblox back in 2013 and from there I kept discovering more new things about Roblox and eventually, I stumbled upon RobloxDev. I am extremely happy and excited to finally be able to be part of this community! This has definitely been a major step forward for me! I am a hobbyist artist as well as a builder and a highly passionate person who is keen to learn and improve! Thank you for accepting me, I appreciate it so much and I’m looking forward to learning and contributing a lot from/to this community!


As per usual, a huge warm welcome and congratulations to our new members who joined us in yesterdays batch!

Let myself or any of the Developer Relations Team know if you ever need anything. :slightly_smiling_face:


First of all, I just want to thank the great relations team for accepting me into this group.
My IGN is Anonomical. I am a Music Producer/SFX Artist with years of experience and currently on my last year of university. I have worked with top devs from Loleris to VetexR and I am also a Former Nova Games member.

In the real world I have worked with artists and produced tracks that have hit more than 2M views and am a well known name in the music industry in the UK with a social media following of around 67k. Hence I dived into roblox to start working on game music development. No one knows its me apart from close friends, so I hope this opportunity guides me to the right path to make history on roblox.

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Great to have you here, welcome!

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Definitely a step forward in my career as a ROBLOXian and for sure a date to never forget.
Uhh, ok, the invite came yesterday but I wasn’t in my PC anymore and stuff.

Anyways, I am davness, portuguese, a 16 year-old developer trying to make a Sci-Fi racing ROBLOX game. Said project pretty much defines me as a ROBLOX Developer. But probably you might want to refer to me as…

The Great Noob Overlord!!! :thinking::thinking::thinking:
y3S c4o0sE 1M 4 n00b oV4l0rD!11!!1!

Jokes aside, I’m so happy to be here for multiple reasons. First, people who are here (me included) were given a golden opportunity and tool to expand their knowledge and motivation horizons. People who are in the DevForum are close to the ROBLOX staff as heck (from my “outsider”/newbie perspective)!

But most importantly, this is a great personal achievement. The fact that I have been allowed to be here means that what I created and what I want to create is impressive, and that what I make is part of what ROBLOX is aspiring to become: Greater, greater and greater.

To all of you, and especially to the DevRelations, an huge thank you!!


Welcome @AntEverything!

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Holy crap, I come back and there’s like 70 posts here…

Looks like the admins have been trigger-happy with accepting applications. heh

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oops mb i thought u were someone else, u keep changing ur username so often i forget which one you’re using lol

Haha aww, i’m wondering who you thought I was? I haven’t changed my user in a while though. LOL

Hey, I’m BOF. I’ve had a lot of aliases in the past such as TalentGoesBy, Consitor and more. I found ROBLOX back in 2007 and made my first account back then, but I kept making more and more accounts in 2008, where I got attached to ROBLOX more and more. I have a ton of accounts & they’re all made by me, simply because I tried to namesnipe & whatever else (I wasn’t the brightest kid back in the day) but I’ve been on BOF for a long time now.

What really brought me here & to a lot of other places was 2014. I met Alan (JacksSmirkingRevenge, former ROBLOX employee) and he made me a star for winning a lot of streaming challenges. He also made me the first Bearded Alien (non-admin one) for my efforts. I then got to be a guest on one of ROBLOX’s official streams, although they kind of forgot to put our audio up and it looked like Alan was talking to himself, but it was still amazing & I was really nervous.

Through all that I made a twitter and became more and more known by Developers & Players.

I do pretty much everything. There’s a problem in me which is; I’m good in many things, but not perfect in any. My first (and probably one of the worst) game to push up over 500k visits was Player Opener, it was a simple fun idea I made one night as I was bored, I woke up to many players and I tried to make it better. Although all my efforts, I couldn’t make it better because I made a lot of code overnight really quickly and people already had their data saved and all that, so I couldn’t make too many changes to the code itself without ruining things (which is why I’m considering recreating it at some point)

I was taught scripting & building at first at around 2009 by my good friends Sheeppie (Blotnik nowadays) & theRal, they were such amazing pals. I got into RPG developing through my old friend Scythedonut & got even more inspired by his old good friend Yourius / RangeMeludE. We were supposed to recreate TheGamer101’s Sword Fighting game with Scythedonut but he disappeared suddenly and never really came back.

I also worked with Coltonator505 at one point, but all that is in the very distant past.

I’m grateful for everything I’ve got out of ROBLOX, every experience & friendship, it’s been a great journey & it’s only getting better.

At the time of writing this, I’m 21, born in 1995, December 15th.

That’s all folks, don’t wanna write a book (even though I already did) so I’ll leave it at that.


i thought you were dynosawr for some reason lol

no way [4]

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You’re here at last!

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Hello my name is Deaddudexxx I’ve been doing GFX For 2 years, i tried Improving my skills so people love my work, and appreciate it. I worked for alot of Roblox Groups and Games as Designer. I am happy to be a member for this Community :relaxed:

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I’m CodeLad.


Hello, I’m Des_tructo and I like to go by Des.
I’m a blender user who models and also renders, I’d be happy to help anyone who needs it if I can, and I very much look forward to the experiences I’ll have within this community. :slight_smile:



What’s up guys. Obviously, I’m Xulp, I’m a 17-year-old from CT currently seeking out a degree in engineering physics at Dartmouth College. I don’t have a lot of time to work on things right now (school) but I’m currently doing a collab with UndoneBuilder on an RTS called Rise of Kings, where I’m doing the scripting. Check me out on twitter if you’re interested. Thanks!

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HAHA oh my gosh not quite, but he is my closest friend :'D so I get where you were coming from, LOL

Oh my gosh you’re here too! Welcome to our big family!